David’s Nails And Hair Keeps Madison In Style

By Rose Klein
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David Dao has been in and around the business of beauty since he was six years old. He was living in New Orleans and, after school, would go to his mother’s best friend’s nail shop to wait for a ride. After spending so much time at the shop, Dao said he was “sucked in” and eventually learned how to do nails and has been doing them since. Fast forward to 2005, when Dao took over a nail salon located in the Winn Dixie shopping center. He remained there until moving to his new location about two and a half years ago, located on East Base Street. The shop has a cozy feel and the friendliness of Dao and the stylists makes you want to create a reason to stay. With all the shop offers, there isn’t a shortage of reasons to keep you hanging around. While there, you can choose from a manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails, gel nails, brow waxing, face shaving and moustache trims. Stylists Carolyn McLellan and Charla Denson specialize in all hair types and style men, women and children’s hair, offering highlights, color, frostings, cuts, perms, teasing, sew-ins, wraps and blending. Dao says his business is continually growing and with customer growth their services will expand soon to offer facials and tanning. Weddings are especially fun at David’s. The bride-to-be and her party will be treated like royalty as Dao will close the salon to all other customers either before or after hours for a wedding party and also permit food and drinks to be brought into the salon to make the event a true event. If you would rather have a party on your own turf, David and staff will come to you. As a gift to the bride, Dao gives the bride half price and “so the bridesmaids don’t feel left out,” the group will also receive a discount. Dao’s slogan is “Quality work at an affordable price” and he says he will beat any price in town and guarantees his work. Not only is Dao generous with his prices, but with his work as well. He regularly rewards kids of clients, who receive “A’s” and “B’s” on their report cards, with a manicure or pedicure for free and also sponsors kid’s sports teams to help raise money that will go towards their uniforms and travel expenses. A good example of Dao’s generosity is one day a customer came in that he had not seen for a long time, and so much had happened in this person’s life that her physical form was showing signs of all the stress she had been under. Dao and his staff gave the client a total makeover for free so she could feel better about herself and to assist her in finding work. Dao feels these are things he can do to give back to the community that supports him. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event, such as a wedding, or just want a new look, you can message David Dao on his Facebook page, call him at (408) 680-3324 or go by his cute and cozy salon at 174 East Base Street in Madison. Not only will you leave with a new look, you’ll leave having made a new friend.

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