Crashes One Third More Than Usual

By Fran Hunt
Greene Publishing, Inc.
Florida Highway Patrol reported that within the 24-hour period of Sunday, March 16, crashes in both Madison and Jefferson counties were one-third higher than normal. Both counties were experiencing light to moderate rain during the afternoon and evening.
Rainfall in the two neighboring counties are usually about the same. It was reported that in a 24-hour period, Jefferson County received 3.57 inches of rain.
In Madison County, there were 18 crashes. Six of those crashes resulted in road blockage and there was only one incident which involved someone being injured.
 In Jefferson County, there were 20 crashes. Four of the crashes resulted in road blockages and only two involved anyone being injured.
Now, in comparison, last year, exactly one year ago on Sunday, March 17, 2013, Jefferson County set the record for FHP crashes, which kept law enforcement hopping for several hours.
FHP Lt. David Folsom, who is over Jefferson, Madison and Taylor counties, reported that within a span of six miles on I-10, and within a four-hour period, there were approximately 24 crashes worked by FHP troopers.
“I have worked all over the state, and in my 20 years with FHP I had never heard of so many crashes at one time,” said Lt. Folsom. The crashes had occurred between mile-markers 217 and 223 on I-10, between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. It had been raining but not too heavily. Folsom said that the crashes were probably mainly due to people not slowing down on the wet pavement, hydroplaning and rubbernecking. There were no major injuries or damages to vehicles and there had been only minor roadblocks, with no major traffic delays then.
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