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Cowboys lasso Taylor County

Neighbor and rival Taylor County didn’t stand a chance against the Madison County Cowboys Varsity football team on October 23. The Cowboys won a breezy 34-6 victory. As usual, the Cowboys rushed for quite a bit of yardage and many points. Kenny McQuay alone scored three touchdowns in rushing yards. McQuay made only seven attempts at rushing yardage, but gobbled up 97 yards in those attempts— his average of 13.9 yards per run was more than double his next-best teammate’s average. But touchdowns don’t tell the whole tale: over a quarter of the rushing yards for the whole game were attributed to Patrick Brown, who positioned his teammates well to score touchdowns but did not score any himself. Brown fought through a staggering 164 rushing yards in this game alone.

Brown made 27 attempts, which meant a long, determined game. Where McQuay was short, explosive bursts of speed, finesse and end zones, Brown provided the bread-and-butter yardage it takes to keep a team winning. Together, the two provide a dynamic double threat to any opponent with the courage to take on the Cowboys. Passing proved to be a minimal tactic; the Cowboys seem to prefer to ride down their competition. Nonetheless, three completed passes resulted in one touchdown. Passing were Kentwan Daniels and Tre Adams; receiving were Zamaury Page and Deonte Robinson. The touchdown was completed by Daniels and Page. The Cowboys rode off into the sunset with another victory under the Friday night lights. They have a bye week this week and will return to the field on November 6, when they play an away game against Baker County at 7 p.m.

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