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County improves traffic control

The Madison County Board of County Commissioners met June 24 at 4 p.m. This meeting would be their last 4 p.m. meeting as the board voted to have it bumped to 6 p.m., effective July 22. After the consent agenda, the commissioners got to business. The session was kicked off with a public hearing to discuss the approval of the amended Madison County Comprehensive Plan and Madison County Land Development Code; both are segments of Madison County's ordinance. After reviewing and tracking all changes and hearing public feedback, the commissioners collectively approved the amendments, adding that if problems arise in the future, a special meeting can be scheduled to discuss possible changes.

Later, Commissioner Rick Davis commented on the lack of safety at two intersections along County Camp Road; the main concern being the intersection at Pineland Missionary Baptist Church. Davis recommended adding a three-way stop interestion, but mentioned both the city and county bordered the street, meaning they would have to come up with an agreement with the city before any action could be taken. An intersection on Farm Road was the next object of concern, Davis explaining the problem areas and the need for traffic control. The board voted to make the required safety changes on County Camp Road on the condition an agreement was made with the City.

They then voted to make safety changes on Farm Road, seeking to prevent future problems. Lastly, the board approved the renewal of an engineering contract with Steves Engineering, Inc. and voted to change their 4 p.m. meeting to 6 p.m. The Madison County Commission's next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8 at 9 a.m. at the Courthouse Annex.

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