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County Commission round-up

The Madison County Commission met Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 4 p.m., in room 107 of the Courthouse Annex. The meeting was called into session by Commissioner Ronnie Moore. The board of commissioners approved the minutes from the last meeting on Jan. 14 and awaited department reports. After it was established there was nothing to report, citizen Burnett Adams approached the podium. Burnett Adams, of Pinetta, addressed the County Commission on the poorly maintained dirt roads of Madison County. “We used to have the best roads in this part of the country,” said Adams. “Now, they never pull the ditches; this makes a high bank on either side of the road and the water can't run off.” Adams further noted that when water is unable to run off, it gathers on the road at the bottom of hills and cuts a path, forming a deep ditch. His concern is that, since the ditches have not been pulled after grading, collected water is ruining the dirt roads of Madison county. According to Adams, short-term solutions such as filling the holes with milling, like the county has done in the past, is senseless. “Milling is just like styrofoam; the more it's packed, the thinner it gets,” said Adams. “Someone should have addressed this issue beforehand. That's not why we're paying our taxes in Madison County.” After Adams addressed the commissioners, the meeting was open for new business. The first item of businesses was a possible contract extension for Jeff Prewitt, an environmental engineer with Reynolds, Smith and Hills. A motion was made, and the board voted unanimously to grant the extension. The next item of business involved finding an alternate for the Planning and Zoning Board. A citizen was suggested and the commissioners voted unanimously to name them as alternate. The next item of business involved finding an individual needed for the Tourist Development Council. It was agreed they needed someone interested in the tourist industry. There was no one to suggest, so the business item was carried over for the next meeting to allow time for the commission to seek a nominee. The last business item involved approving a fireworks permit for Honey Lake Plantation. A motion was made and unanimously carried. After all business items were covered, Commissioner Justin Hamrick addressed his fellow commissioners. “I was contacted by some folks in the Northwood Subdivision,” said Hamrick. “They're being inconvenienced by the closing of Celosia Road and are wanting to make a drive cutting across to Country Kitchen Road.” The concerned citizens work on the East side of town, near Lee, and have been forced to navigate a lengthy and inconvenient way home. Since it is certain Celosia won't be re-opened any time in the near future, the commission agreed to look into what can be done about a new drive. It was decided maps and information would be brought in for discussion at the next meeting.

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