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County commission discusses public works projects and Cherry Lake boaters

During the Wednesday, June 8 Madison County Commission meeting, before handling new business, the commissioners went over departmental reports as well as reports from Public Works.

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart informed the commissioners that, during Memorial Day weekend, the Madison County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) received several complaints about boaters and jet-skiers on Cherry Lake. Stewart stated that, while most of those who celebrated Memorial Day were out of town, there are no ordinances set for speed limit and travel for boats. He asked the commissioners to let MCSO know if they receive any complaints. The issues can be addressed later.

In Public Works, the commissioners discussed roadway striping estimates for different roads in Madison County, which will cost about $36,405 for all of the roads, including Hwy 255 to Hwy 90. Commissioner Wayne Vickers motioned to get the striping projects done, with Commissioner Alfred Martin seconding. The vote was carried 5-0.

The Madison Recreation Park entry road and lot are also being re-striped and handicapped parking spaces are going to be added. This was tabled for the next meeting.

Next, Commissioner Ronnie Moore informed the board that he received a call about an issue regarding County Road 140; a telephone line was on the ground and residents are unable to receive phone service. Moore also mentioned that a telephone line goes up through the trees across the railroad tracks. Lonnie Thigpen agreed to look into the issue.

The matter of Darbeen Pond's sloped ramp was brought up next. Thigpen stated that extra dirt will be placed on the slope to flatten it after things dry out from the recent heavy rainfall.

At the previous meeting, Jamie Willoughby of Animal Control presented a list of names for the dangerous dog committee; the commissioners suggested he find alternate suggestions and Willoughby came back to the board on June 8, recommending Katie French of the Florida Department of Health and Renetta Parrish, a local citizen, as two members of the committee. The board approved these recommendations.

Willoughby also provided an update on the county's mosquito population for the month of May. Willoughby spent 70 hours in 20 days of spraying and sprayed a total of 468.6 miles in the county.  Most of the mosquito spraying was done in Cherry Lake and Pinetta. “I don't see it getting busy [this month] but we did just get a lot of rain, so time will tell,” said Willoughby.

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