County Commission Approves Building Use For Farm Share

By Lynette Norris Greene Publishing, Inc. The Madison County Commission has given its nod of approval for Farm Share to use part of the “blue building” that Consolidated Christian Ministries also uses for its food bank operations. Farm Share is a statewide non-profit organization that gleans the excess produce from farms, food that would normally be thrown away or left in the fields, and stores it temporarily in warehouses or depots where community charitable organizations can pick it up and distribute it to those in need. Chad McCormick, a Farm Share volunteer had wanted to bring a Farm Share Depot to Madison for some time, spoke at a recent Kiwanis Club meeting about his desire to bring a Farm Share Depot to Madison if he could find a suitable location, i.e., a building large enough to temporarily house the fresh produce. James Ray, a Kiwanis Club member who also happens to be on the board of directors for Consolidated Christian Ministries, spoke up and offered space in the CCM facility, known as the “blue building.” Because the building is owned by Madison County, McCormick had appeared at a previous County Commission meeting to get official approval and make sure the Farm Share operation was okay with the County as owners of the facility. The commissioners wanted to have someone walk through the blue building with McCormick or another representative to make sure that was adequate space for both organizations to operate without getting in each other’s way. At the Feb. 26 meeting, County Coordinator Allen Cherry reported that he had done a walk-through with a member of Consolidated Christian Ministries, and saw that Farm Share had its own entrance and dock space. He was satisfied that there was adequate space for both organizations, and that their schedules would not conflict. The Commission unanimously approved Farm Share’s presence in the blue building.

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