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Cortni Sprenkle Brown pleads guilty; will be charged with lewd battery and sexual activity with minors

Cortni Brown, a former Madison County High School employee who was arrested on June 29 after being accused of inappropriate sexual relations with male students at the school, received her trial on Dec. 3.

Brown was charged with two counts of lewd battery on a child, and three counts of sexual activity with a minor.

Brown pled guilty in her trial, and as such, received the following sentence:

As to each count:

Adjudication of Guilt,

Serve 42 months in The Department of Correction (each count to run concurrent with on another with credit for time served from 6/29/15-6/30/15).

48 months of probation, all sex offender conditions to apply (each count to run concurrent to one another but consecutive to prison sentence).

Pay a $100 cost of prosecution, $300 per victim guardian ad litem fee (total of $900), $500 fine, $468 court costs.

Brown will be subject to mandatory electronically monitoring and a mandatory curfew.

Other regulations include a prohibition on visiting or being employed by any school, daycare, child-care facility, parks or playground without prior approval from the offender’s supervising officer.  Neither will Brown be permitted to live within 1,000 feet of any of those establishments.

A prohibition on distributing candy or any other items on Halloween; wearing a Santa Claus costume on or preceding Christmas, an Easter Bunny costume on or preceding Easter, or any other costume that would appeal to children without prior approval from the court.

The offender will be required to make restitutions to the victims for all necessary medical or professional services relating to physical, psychiatric and psychological care.   

Brown will be registered as a Sexual Offender.

Cortni Sprenkle Brown

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