Correctional Officer arrested on felony charges

The Florida Department of Corrections Office of Inspector General (OIG) arrested Correctional Officer Sergeant Regina Belluz on Friday, September 11 for the felony charge of Introduction of Contraband into a Prison Facility by a Public Servant. The charges stem from Correctional Sergeant Belluz introducing contraband for an inmate, into both the Madison Correctional Institution and Cross City Correctional Institution between March and September 2015. Sergeant Belluz resigned shortly before being arrested. “As evidenced by our recent arrests, the Department has absolutely zero tolerance for staff misconduct, especially that which violates the laws of our state,” said Secretary Julie Jones. “We will continue to aggressively pursue and take action against those who take part in criminal acts.” The Office of Inspector General initiated a comprehensive criminal investigation after receiving investigative intelligence that Sergeant Belluz was having an improper staff relationship with an inmate.

The investigation confirmed that the Sergeant was writing numerous letters to the inmate describing their improper relationship, some of which included provocative pictures of the Sergeant. Additionally, the Sergeant deposited monies into the inmate’s trust fund and opened a Facebook page with the inmates name on it and designated them “In a relationship” on Facebook. The actions taken by Sergeant Belluz are serious violations of Florida Law and Department policy. Upon questioning by the Office of the Inspector General, Sergeant Belluz gave a complete confession to the above crime. Following the arrest, Sergeant Belluz was transported to the Madison County Jail and was being held on a $10,000 bond. The Office of Inspector General would like to acknowledge the cooperation and assistance provided by the State Attorney’s Office in the 3rd Judicial Circuit.

1. Regina Belluz

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