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Corinth Christian Academy opens Thrift Shop to raise further funding

Corinth Christian Academy Thrift Shop in Lee, Fl. began two years ago as a ministry to raise additional funds for Corinth Christian Academy in Jasper, Fl. The CCA Thrift Shop is a non-profit, tax-exempt thrift store that operates solely on donations from parents, church members and members of the community. It was first established in one small building at the old Archie's Restaurant in Lee but expanded a few months later into two buildings. With the help of volunteers, Pastor Gary Abbott of Corinth Baptist Church and Gene and Barbara Reynolds, members of Corinth Baptist Church, are able to run the store successfully Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The thrift store has everything from household items, gardening supplies, outdoor and construction supplies, clothing, retail and much more. “We sell everything to a bucket of nails to a roll of carpet,” said Pastor Abbott. The church tries to make use of everything donated. Anything not able to be sold, such as computer parts, is given to recycling. There are two outlets within the store dedicated to clothing and retail. Often, the CCA Thrift Store has big blowout sales as well. Pastor Abbott is looking to expand CCA Thrift Store and add another store in Jasper, Fl. The CCA Thrift Store is located at the intersection of Highways 225 and 90 in Lee, Fl., by the caution light. Donations can be dropped off at the store itself, but for larger items in the area, pick-up and delivery is an option. For more information, call Pastor Gary Abbott at (850) 519-1619 or visit Corinth Christian Academy on Facebook.

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