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Copeland places in state corn yield contest

Judy Copeland of Lee, recently won second place in the A non-irrigated division of the 2015 National Corn Growers Association's (NCGA) Corn Yield Contest in Florida. Copeland won with Pioneer brand hybrid P1443YHR, which yielded 208.4846 bushels per acre. In 2015, recurrent yield contest winner David Hula of Charles City, Va., took his fields to a whole new level by breaking the world record of 532.0271 bushels per acre using Pioneer P1197AM brand corn on his contest plot.

Copeland earned one of the 218 state titles won by growers planting Pioneer hybrids. The NCGA awarded 407 state titles in this year's contest. Growers planting Pioneer hybrids dominated the contest and won 54 percent of all state awards presented.

The NCGA Corn Yield Contest is an annual U.S. national competition among corn growers with the goal of capitalizing on the high genetic yield potential of today's corn hybrids. Growers compete in six corn production classes, including non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till non-irrigated (A and AA), irrigated and no-till/strip-till irrigated classes.

"The 2015 yield heroes brought home another record yield year, and we're thrilled," said Steve Reno, DuPont Pioneer Vice President and Regional Director of U.S. and Canada. "Growers have made a calculated choice to manage their crops with Pioneer products and services and continue to do so in 2016," Reno continued. "Management practices combined with leading genetics and traits produce the results they're looking for. These contest winners are proof of what can happen with Pioneer as their partner. At Pioneer, we're with you from the word 'go.'"

DuPont Pioneer is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere.

DuPont has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs and thought leaders, they can help find solutions to global challenges such as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit

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