Conservative Corner: You Didn’t Build That!

That’s right! We voted against building a “James Madison” statue, at the County Court House, here in Madison. The base of which would recognize historical documents on the founding of this great nation. Those documents would be the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, and the biography of James Madison.
We Saw a
Straw Man!
Our first line of defense should have been our County Commissioners. Where were they? They were the ones being asked to “allow” the six foot bust to be placed in our County Courthouse. They ducked! But they had an excuse. “We’ll be sued!”
It’s Already a
Settled Question!
Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court has continually recognized the right to build and maintain displays of historic documents. In the case of Van Orden Vs. Perry, 545 U.S. 677 (2005), the court ruled, according to the New York Times, of 6/28/2005, p. 17, that a display, including one for the Ten Commandments, could be housed at the Texas State Capitol, in Austin.
Cecil B. DeMille
Originally, Cecil B. DeMille, teaming up with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, had built thousands of Ten Commandment monuments across the nation. The State Capitol of Texas drew the fire, with the result: Cecil B. DeMille 100, opponents to the monuments, 0. The Liberty Legal Institute of Plano, Texas, represented Texas.
Being Prepared for Battle
“What changed?” asked Jackie Johnson, a local resident, at the Commission Hearing, 9/10/2014, which delivered the veto to a fine and proper community project.
Armed and Ready
Or Luck?
“Tossed Salad Dressing, Salt and Mayonnaise Rout Market Bandit.” That’s the front page headline of an 8/17/1957 news article in the Atlanta Constitution. Mrs. Ora Rowe, an Atlanta lady grocer, salted down a would be holdup man and then stampeded him with a barrage of mayonnaise jars.
A customer returned to the grocery three times, the 3rd time, he said: “Gimme your money.” He repeated it a second time, showing his weapon.
Without thinking, she let fly with a box of salt, which she had in her hands. She said: “That must have surprised him, because he ducked down and backed up.” She then grabbed up some mayonnaise jars and began to chuck them at him. He got out of there fast.
Nothing Has Changed!
Just the excuse! Just the “put off!” The “rightness of the cause” is never the only ingredient! The situation is a battlefield, and like any other battle, it demands preparation. Some victories are unearned and appear to be a piece of cake. But by now, surely we see, the question of the Ten Commandments, as a monumental struggle.
Being right is never enough. Mrs. Ora Rowe showed her Grit, without being “organized.”  But we have time to organize, regroup, and surprise those who have the power to say no. A piece of cake is not always a piece of cake. Sometimes, you have to work for it.
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