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Concealed Carry Weapons class to be held Feb. 6

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will be facilitating its next Concealed Carry Weapons class on Saturday, Feb. 6.

The National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) First Steps Pistol course is the foundation for the sheriff’s office eight hour concealed carry class. In addition, information is provided to ensure that each student is aware of what they can expect to take place before, during and after violent confrontations and how they, as individuals, can best prepare for these dynamics. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office emphasizes to students how important it is to value life and to employ less lethal options when the circumstances permit, but we want our students to be confidently prepared.

The Florida standards for legally carrying a concealed firearm may not be sufficient to prepare for violent confrontations.  The goal is to fully prepare law abiding citizens for the complex dynamics of violent confrontations while helping to preserve each of our Second Amendment rights.

This class far exceeds the requirements to apply for the State of Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit for residents and non-residents. The Florida Concealed Carry Weapons permit is honored in 36 states. These classes are taught by a N.R.A. multi-discipline law enforcement firearms instructor who has military, S.W.A.T. and violent confrontation experience.

As a law abiding citizen, making the choice to arm oneself is a right and a privilege. Individuals owe it to themselves and their loved ones to make the necessary preparations. Make the choice to be a victor, not a victim. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office wants to share the knowledge on how to prepare for, and win, a violent confrontation.

The cost for this course is $65. The cost goes down for additional people in a group.

A large portion of these course fees will support youth adventure camps sponsored by the sheriff’s office as well as other free courses for the community. If anyone would like to register, or has any questions, please contact Captain Mark W. Joost at (850) 869-0032.

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