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Computer monitoring scam

A local woman called the Madison County Carrier and reported that she received a call from a male voice who claimed that her computer had been monitored and there was a specific website that she needed to know about. The man on the phone instructed the woman to pull up this website but luckily the woman did the right thing and refused to go through with the man's request. The woman then called the Madison County Sheriff's Office after hanging up with the scammer.

There have been several reports of similar scam techniques like this that start out as tech support from someone who claims that they have been monitoring your computer and sees that someone is trying to gain access of your information. The scam artist, like the one described above, may ask you to turn on your computer and download software or go to a website.

These scammers may claim to be tech support from Microsoft or Windows.

Microsoft assures users that there is no way Microsoft or Windows can monitor your computer and scam artists may want to trick you into installing malicious software (or visiting a website that pulls up a link to the software download) that could capture sensitive data, including online banking information or important passwords.

The woman said the call was received from a (813) 268-6251 number and the connection was “crackly.” She also stated that the number came up listed as a Florida caller.

If you find yourself or a loved one a victim of this scam or any other scam, please call the Madison Police Department at (850) 973-5077 or the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 973-4001.

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