Community Prayer Walk Next Saturday

The community will gather at the Four Freedoms Park Gazebo on Saturday, Oct. 4, at 9 a.m. to begin a prayer walk throughout the city, as Christians pray for local business owners and citizens. The effort is headed by Timmy Dyke, pastor of Pine Grove Baptist Church in Madison. 
“The idea is to reach out to the community and let them know that somebody is there for them and are concerned about them,” Dyke said. “We do this because we love people and we love this community.”
Their mission is to share Jesus Christ with everyone, come rain or shine.
“If there is inclement weather, we will go to the nursing homes and pray with people or just gather and pray,” he said.
For the past three years, Dyke has spearheaded several outreach efforts. Locally, Dyke is known for standing at the corner of Busy Bee passing out free pork sandwiches.
“If we said, ‘Here’s a free bar-b-que sandwich, we noticed some people wouldn’t take it. But if we said, ‘Here’s a free bar-b-que sandwich in the name of Jesus,’ you got a whole different response from people,” he said. “It would just brighten a person’s day.”
Whether it’s walking and praying or handing out a sandwich, Dyke’s passion is simply sharing Jesus Christ with everybody he meets.
“We’re just trying to deliver a message of hope,” Dyke said.
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Bryant Thigpen

Written by Bryant Thigpen