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Community fire/life safety

Madison Fire Rescue and all the fire services in Madison County are committed to helping City and County residents of Madison with preventing accidental fires and also with educating them about the importance of having WORKING smoke alarms in the home. We have done this by going out and installing smoke alarms in homes and talking with residents about fire safety while there. We also help educate children at their schools and show them what to do if there is a fire in the home. The community can help by allowing fire departments to help you by allowing us to install smoke alarms in homes when they are available and attending community events, especially where fire departments are present. Ask firefighters any questions you may have about fire or safety. Fire departments realize that we can’t always be there when something happens so it is important for residents to know how to keep themselves safe. Always call 9-1-1 when any fire happens in your home even if you are able to put it out yourself!

Firefighters are trained to investigate and explore a fire area to ensure that a fire is completely out and not just knocked down and still smoldering. Get somebody to come just in case it flares back up and you can’t put it completely out. If you have fire damage to your home, you will also need a fire report that the fire department can provide. A fire extinguisher in the home can be useful to put out small fires that can start in the home, but one must know how to use it properly to be safe about it. Only use a fire extinguisher if you know what is burning, the standard ABC Extinguisher can be used on almost any fire but it still is better to know what is on fire. DO NOT USE a fire extinguisher on a kitchen grease fire! The pressurized gas and powder will blast the burning material out of a pan and scatter it all over the stove and wall. One of the best ways to extinguish a grease fire is to put a lid on the pan on or cover the pan to smother the fire; once the fire is contained turn off the heat, do not move the pan or uncover it until the pan has cooled! The very best way to not have a fire is by never leaving anything frying or cooking unattended on the stove! If in doubt, get everyone out and stay out! Close the door when leaving to minimize fire growth! Remember that FIRE IS EVERYONE’S FIGHT! Any group(s) that would like to have someone come out and speak about any fire safety topic or similar topics please contact Fire Chief Bruce Jordan (850) 253-5117 or email:

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