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Committed Pastor still serves Midway Church of God after 40 years

Reverend Retis Flowers has been pastoring for over 40 years. His journey with Christ began at the age of 13 at a revival service. “The Holy Spirit drew me as he has to draw all people,” said Flowers. With the confession of his sins and acknowledgement of Christ, Flowers was “born again.” Flowers was born in Dowling Park, Fl. and served as First Marine Airwing in Vietnam. Flowers left the Marine Corps after nine years to care for his five siblings when his father fell into bad health. In the meantime, Flowers was called into the ministry. Flowers came to Madison, Fl. and began to pastor at Midway Church of God in Lee, Fl. He pursued a degree in education at Northwest Florida Community College and was a teacher at Madison County Primary School, which today is Madison County Central. After spending some time as a teacher, Flowers moved on to St. Augustine in 1978 to be a personnel director. It was not until two years later that he returned to Madison, Fl. “I've never regretted [moving back],” said Flowers. “This is where the Lord called me.” Flowers has stayed at Midway because he believes it is the best place for him to succeed. While others may look for success in a larger church, Flowers is content where he is as long as he's serving the Lord. Staying at Midway Church of God has allowed Flowers to become a respected member of the community, preach the Word of God to those who want to listen and “make no apologies for being Evangelistic in our outreach.” Flowers makes sure to align his preaching and teachings with God's Word.

Flowers' favorite part of his position is preaching. “When you're called into the ministry, you're called to minister to the needs of people,” said Flowers. “[But my] biggest reason is to bring about change in people's lives.” Flowers emphasizes that he wants to “not necessarily convert others', but to help Christians grow.” Flowers also desires to impact others even if they are not of his church or denomination. His goal as a minister is to help his church grow, not just numerically or financially but spiritually as well. “A congregation has to grow spiritually, or it will die,” said Flowers. “We certainly have grown in all these ways at Midway,” said Flowers. “On our first Sunday in October of 1970, we had seven, plus my family, in attendance. Over the past decades, there have been times we have averaged 60-plus in our Sunday morning worship services.” Flowers feels staying with Midway Church of God has proven successful not only because he is where he needs to be in God's plans, but because of his family. All three of his children and their spouses have been active in their respective church and saved. “For me and my family, it has been worth it,” said Flowers. “The salvation of our children and grandchildren is the greatest achievement of our ministry.” As for the future, Flowers plans to stay right where he is. “I don't have any intentions of going anywhere,” said Flowers. Flowers urges young ministers assigned to small churches to be thankful for the opportunity. “A small church today with very little potential may be a small church with a lot of potential tomorrow,” said Flowers. “Don't despise the day of small things, for who knows but what God has called you for such an hour as this. We will be rewarded according to our faithfulness to that calling and our reward will not be based on how important others thought our assignment to be.”

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Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Selina Iglesias, Date Taken August 17, 2015. Reverend Retis Flowers has become a respected member of the community while serving at Midway Church of God.

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