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Commissioners discuss agriculture building

The Madison County Commissioners held their regular meeting on Wednesday, May 11 at 9 a.m. It was a lengthy meeting with much added to the agenda.

In departmental reports, Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart informed the commissioners that the Madison County Sheriff's Office had received several complaints that the cost of crash rates for wreckers need to be changed. There is a standard amount for rates that take mileage for towing and other things into consideration. Sheriff Stewart mentioned that the rates for the sheriff's office have not been changed in 10 years, and the Florida Highway Patrol's have not changed in 15 years. The commissioners agreed to keep this in mind for future meetings and possibly hold public hearings regarding this subject.

In new business, the commissioners discussed the $500,000 grant for the agriculture building. Bill Rutherford took to the podium to offer suggestions for what to put the grant money towards. Rutherford suggested that the commissioners focus on the outside area of the building, as well as the office areas, restrooms, and handicap areas. Rutherford commented that the seating in the arena needs to be redone as well. A question that was put before the commissioners was whether or not the agriculture building should remain where it is or be relocated. The commissioners determined that the agriculture building will stay where it is, and a committee will put together an order to find out what the community desires the grant money to go towards.

Next in new business, the commissioners adopted the resolution regarding an emergency plan and approved an interlocal agreement with Jefferson County regarding Madison's building official working in Jefferson.

The commissioners then approved the questions that the applicants for the County Coordinator will be asked during the interview process. The commissioners decided to conduct the interviews on Friday, May 20 at 2 p.m. at the courthouse annex. Each applicant will be interviewed individually by each commissioner. After the interviews, the applicants will be ranked by the commissioners and reviewed during the next meeting on Wednesday, May 25. The new County Coordinator will be selected that same day.

Concluding the meeting was a presentation by Daniel Dorosheff of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Dorosheff discussed the history of the invasive plant management section of the Division of Habitat and Species Conservation and informed the commissioners on how they deal with invasive plant species, such as the Hydrilla in Cherry Lake. He informed the commissioners that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is still surveying and assessing the situation regarding Cherry Lake. The Commission is looking into prescribing more carp in the lake, as their primary food is the Hydrilla.

Lonnie Thigpen informed the commissioners that the striping in Greenville is inaccurately placed, which causes an issue for drivers. Some parts of the road that are dotted were originally supposed to be solid. Thigpen commented that the striping that is put down is different from the original plans presented, and in order to inform drivers of the issue, putting up signs is being considered.

With that, the meeting was concluded. The next County Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 25 at 6 p.m.

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