Collecting Thoughts

As a boy, I used to collect Topps baseball and football cards, comic books and wrestling magazines. These days, I collect my thoughts. Haphazardly strewn across the rocky and rough roads of today, I try to get the thoughts together so I can think out problems. It makes me wish that life were only as easy as high school algebra, where every problem has a solution. Sitting alone with God in my room, I realize that I have to be honest with Him. I ask myself if my actions have been selfish or self-serving. Have my actions hurt anyone? Have my actions helped anyone? Have I put any idol of any kind or any person of any type of relationship ahead of my relationship with God? Are their people I have failed to give credit to for doing good things? Are there times that I have sought glory for things I have done? Are there people who need prayer who I have neglected to pray for? Have I sought God’s face through prayer and Bible study? One by one, the questions hurl themselves at me like a major league pitcher throwing blistering pitches into a catcher’s mitt. Each fastball is caught, along with a few knuckleballs, sliders and curves and they go into the collection of thoughts. As I answer each question honestly, I sometimes discover things about myself that I don’t like. If nothing else, these thoughts, these questions and these answers serve to humble me.

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