Coast 2 Coast Tour Stops in Madison

By Jessie R. Box
04.30.14 - bike ride - 001

04.30.14 – bike ride – 001


04.30.14 - bike ride - 002

04.30.14 – bike ride – 002


04.30.14 - bike ride - 003

04.30.14 – bike ride – 003


04.30.14 - bike ride - 004

04.30.14 – bike ride – 004

Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers, Coast 2 Coast tour stopped in Madison, Thursday, April 24 on their way to St. Augustine. NFCC hosted them for their nights stay in Madison. The bicyclists slept in the basketball court of the Colin P. Kelly gym. The tour started March 8 in San Diego, Ca. with the bicyclist dipping the rear tire of their bicycle in the Pacific Ocean and when they reach the Atlantic Ocean, they will dip the front tire of their bicyclist in the ocean.

It is a 52-day tour and all the bicyclists have to worry about is pedaling their bicycles. Bubba and his crew take care of the rest. The crew stores all of the bicyclist gear on a truck and when the destination of the day is reached, they will unload the luggage, blow up the air mattresses and if they are staying outside, they set up the tents.
Hetty Slagboon and John Neelemaat came from the Netherlands to participate in the Coast 2 Coast tour.
“We were looking for a cycling tour in the Northeast of America for fall but then we saw this one and for I joke I said to my husband, ‘what do you think of this one,’ and he said ‘let’s do it,’” said Slagboon.
“It’s a really nice trip and very well organized,” said Neelemaat. “We are not used to so much pampering.”
The crew also offers bike maintenance. If someone has a flat tire, the crew will come to the bicyclist and fix it for them. Every 20 miles there is a rest station set up. The station has snacks, cold beverages, and chairs for the bicyclist to sit and rest before the next part of the journey.
There are 40 riders and 18 crewmembers. On crew there is also a chef who prepares the riders with breakfast and dinner. The bicyclist’s will stop for their lunch during the day’s ride.
“I’m a tourist, not a racer,” said A.D. Carson, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “As a touring bicyclist you look opportunities and ways to both see things and to stretch yourself.”
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box