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City reduces Natural Gas services

Effective December 10, the City of Madison’s Natural Gas Department will no longer be able to provide services beyond the natural gas meter at residences and businesses. The services no longer to be provided include: servicing or installing customer piping beyond the meter; connecting or disconnecting gas appliances; servicing or otherwise disassembling appliances to repair them; ordering appliance parts; and performing pressure tests on customer piping. For the above-mentioned services, please contact a certified plumber. Two local certified plumbers currently available are: Burnette Plumbing at (850) 973-1404 and Heath Simmons Plumbing at (850) 728-6974. City Natural Gas Department personnel are not certified to provide services beyond the meter. Current customers of the city’s natural gas services have been notified by mail. City Natural Gas personnel, meanwhile, will continue to provide services that include: installing the service line and meter; verifying correct operation pressures; lighting pilot lights on the appliances and determining if everything is operating correctly; cleaning heaters by blowing the dust out of the burners and the pilot-light assembly; and responding to reports of leaks, turning off the meter, and verifying no leaks exist on the city side of the meter. For more information, phone City Hall at (850) 973-5081.

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