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City of Madison: Road grants awarded

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The City of Madison has been awarded $1,191,607 in grants from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to repave three roads. The grants, awarded through FDOT's Small County Outreach Program were $466,118 for E.R. Scott St., $387,586 for NW College Loop, and $337,903 for a portion of SW Range Ave.

E.R. Scott St. will be repaved from SW Range Ave. to SW Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. College Loop will be repaved from East US Hwy. 90 to West US Hwy. 90. These two road projects are scheduled for fiscal year 2019.

Meanwhile, the Range Ave. project, funded by FDOT several months ago, will run from SW Dade St. to SW Millinor St. and will break ground in the spring of 2018. This project will involve removing Range Ave.'s approximate eight-inch concrete surface and replacing it with 10 to 12 inches of base and sub-base limestone and soil followed by 1.5 inches of asphalt. This is the first phase of a two phase effort. Phase two will be a possible future grant application to repave Range Ave. from US Hwy. 90 to Dade St.

Madison Engineering, LLC of Madison, prepared the city's successful applications to FDOT for the three projects and is designing the current Range Ave. project and will assist the city in the upcoming procurement of the project's general contractor.

The city's water, wastewater and natural gas departments, along with the city's public works department are confirming the location of underground utilities and storm water infrastructure on Range Ave. that will be impacted by the current project.

“Our intent is to repair, replace and/or relocate, if necessary, underground infrastructure that has deteriorated at and near Range Ave.,” said City Manager Tim Bennett. “We want to time these actions in such a way that we can seamlessly transition from this site preparation directly to the main project of road paving. The goal is to minimize, as much as possible, the impact on the public and downtown businesses.”

According to Bennett, one of the city's main tasks will be keeping citizens and businesses informed before and during the project.

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