City Of Madison Fire Rescue Services

The City of Madison Fire Rescue has many capabilities and can provide many services that the average citizen of Madison or Madison County may not be aware of that include:
Almost all members of the fire department are Dual Certified Firefighter – EMT’s.
Madison Fire Rescue currently has a Class 5 ISO rating in the city and a Class 5X rating in our response area in the county.
We respond to all reported types of fires in the city and into the county as per the Interlocal Agreement guidelines.
We respond to Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) incidents in our area and the rest of the county when requested or needed. We will soon receive Hazardous Materials Operations Level training in the near future.
We have also developed relationships with some of the surrounding counties that have Haz-Mat Teams that can be called upon for assistance when needed.
We respond to all reported vehicle accidents (other than in a parking lot, unless there are injuries) in the city and into the county according to the Interlocal Agreement between the city and county.
Our personnel respond to Medical Calls in the city and into the county when dispatched or requested by Madison County EMS; we assist EMS if or when needed but we do not transport patients.
We can provide free Blood Pressure checks at the fire station when personnel are available during the daytime.
We provide free installation of smoke alarms if the homeowner purchases them and will provide a home fire safety survey upon request.
We provide fire safety education for Madison area schools and childcare facilities of all types when requested including fire station tours.
We have the ability to provide fire safety education to businesses or community groups if or when requested and could also include first aid, CPR or fire extinguisher training.
Madison Fire Rescue pursues different grant opportunities in order to purchase needed equipment and also to help save money for the city. We recently were awarded a grant to replace our aging air compressor and also to install diesel exhaust removal systems on our vehicles.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Why does the fire department respond when I called 911 for an ambulance?
We respond to Medical Calls because we have trained EMTs on duty that can help stabilize and even start treatment on a patient prior to an ambulances arrival and then even after their arrival we can provide additional help if needed.
Why do some fire hydrants have different colored tops?
We have not finished color coding on all hydrants yet, and some newer hydrants have yet to be painted at all. We try to paint the bottom of our hydrants white and color code the top.
The different colors help us know how much water a fire hydrant can provide.
Blue = Over 1500 gallons per minute – No hydrants in Madison.
Green=1000 to 1500 gallons per minute – 70 percent of our hydrants.
Orange=500 to 1000 gallons per minute – 20 percent of our hydrants.
Red=up to 500 gallons per minute – 10 percent of our hydrants.
Where can I buy a fire extinguisher or get a fire extinguisher refilled or retagged?
There are two fire extinguisher service companies that service this area, Bennett’s Fire Protection Systems and Automatic Fire Systems, Inc. Either of these companies can sell or service fire extinguishers.
What type or kind of smoke alarm should I have? How many?
The easy answer is that any smoke alarm would be better than having none at all.
Like other things that you buy you get what you pay for, if you buy a cheaper smoke alarm it may not be as sensitive and take longer to alert you or it may be too sensitive and alert when there is no fire. We cannot recommend specific brands but you should try to purchase the best alarm you can afford. You should have one alarm per bedroom and at least one per floor.
When do I need a (CO) Carbon Monoxide Alarm?
You should have a CO Alarm installed if you have any appliances in your house that uses fuel. This includes Natural Gas, LP Gas, and Kerosene, Wood-burning stoves or fire places, any appliance that is in the house. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, you cannot smell a CO leak, this is why you need an CO Alarm to alert you if CO is present in your house.
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