City, FDOT prepare detour plan in response to upcoming SR 53 South, Rutledge sewer repair

MADISON, FL (2/11/14) – The City of Madison and Florida Department of Transportation officials continue to work on a draft plan to detour vehicular traffic in response to the city’s major sewer repair project slated for the intersection of State Road 53 South (Duval Avenue) and Rutledge Street.


The detour plan must be approved by FDOT.  If approved, the detours will begin no earlier than Thursday of this week and at approximately 9:15 a.m., on the day of the launch.


City Police Chief Gary Calhoun and City Wastewater Superintendent Stan McCreary, having already worked through two earlier versions, are proposing a third version of a plan.  This one would make full use of Lake Shore Drive around Lake Frances.


“Any plan we prepare will result in disruption,” City Manager Tim Bennett said.  “We’re making every effort to ensure the plan is safe and as effective as possible and that it will be approved by DOT.  We will notify the public as soon as the plan is ready to go.”

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