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City discusses tractor-trailers at meeting

The City of Madison City Commission held their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13. There were several items of discussion including overnight parking of tractor-trailers, Florida Recreational Development Assistant Program (FRDAP) Grants for Lanier Field and Sumpter A. James, Jr. Park, the sewer lift station at NFCC and Light Up Madison The biggest item for discussion at the meeting was the overnight parking of tractor-trailers in a residential area. Numerous people spoke to the commissioners about the ordinance. The speakers were spilt evenly for and against the ordinance. “We are penalizing people for not being able to park a vehicle that they make a living by on their own property,” said Commissioner Rayne Cooks. The commissioner decided to allow City Manager Tim Bennett to request assistance from the North Florida Planning Council to prepare options of changing the ordinance. The City of Madison has received two $50,000 FRDAP Grants to improve Lanier Field and Sumpter A. James, Jr. Park. Community Development Director Chuck Hitchcock presented the commissioners with two proposed agreements between the city and the Department of Environmental Protection. The commissioners approved the documents. The start date of the improvements has not been set. A tennis court will be added to Lanier Field, along with football and soccer goals. Sumpter A. James, Jr. Park will have picnic tables, grills, horseshoe pits, hopscotch and shuffle board games and walking track signage. Kimberly Albritton of the Madison County Health Department informed the commissioners that the Health Department applied for and has received a grant to replace the exercise equipment around Lake Francis and to provide new playground equipment for Sumpter A. James, Jr. Park. The existing exercise equipment will be distributed to other parks in Madison.

The City of Madison has been maintaining and repairing the wastewater lift station that is owned by North Florida Community College. Bennett had approached NFCC President John Grosskopf to split the cost. At the meeting, the commissioners voted to stop maintaining the lift station altogether and have NFCC seek elsewhere for maintenance and repair services. Commissioner Judy Townsend presented a proposal to the members on behalf of Jesse Solomon to rename SW Brooklyn Street to SW Scott Street in honor of E.R. and Jayne Scott. The commissioner agreed that Solomon should get the input of the community before a decision could be made. The commissioners approved the hire of David H. Melvin, Inc. Consulting Engineers for their grant writing services at the Aug. 11 meeting. City Manager Tim Bennett asked the commissioners to delay the execution of grant writing services while he seeks proposals from Engineering Services that also provide grant writing services. Division 3 Lt. Governor Jerome Wyche and Secretary Deena Hames of the Madison Kiwanis Club spoke at the meeting to inform the council that their Light Up Madison will be held on Saturday, Dec. 5 from 4-8 p.m. The City of Madison City Commission will hold their November meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 5:30 p.m.

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