Church Youth Rewarded For Beating Associate Pastor In Bible Quiz

5.7.14 - Bible Quiz - 001

5.7.14 – Bible Quiz – 001

By Jacob Bembry

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Imagine being the pastor of a church and having to wear a t-shirt which reads, “I’m the pastor and I’m not smarter than the youth group.” That’s the position that Tommy Thigpen, pastor-in-waiting at Bible Deliverance Church, found himself in after losing a Bible quiz competition to the church’s youth group on April 9.
In addition to having the glee that comes with seeing the pastor wear the dreaded t-shirt, the group was also rewarded with a trip to Pizza Hut two weeks later on April 23.
Before the competition, the youth group was given a study guide which contained multiple choice and true/false questions from Matthew 17 and 18. The associate pastor was just told to study Matthew 1-20. When the quiz was done, Associate Pastor Thigpen came up on the losing end, falling by two questions to the youth.
Bryant Thigpen, the church’s youth pastor, said, “I’m very excited about where the youth program is headed and how the kids were excited to dig in God’s word. While they were preparing for the challenge to stump the pastor, they learned Scriptures that will impact their life for eternity, and had fun doing it. I’m very proud of these kids and the hard work they put into studying and learning the Scriptures.”
A total of 22 young people made the trek to Pizza Hut, where they enjoyed the delicious food and each other’s company and fellowship.
Those youth participating in the quiz included: Shane Green, Jaime Retalic, Justin Cooper, Brea Glaze, Chris Glaze, Kaitlyn Hutchinson, Hagan Hutchinson and Kyle Sealey.
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Jacob Bembry

Written by Jacob Bembry