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Church member spotlight… Jerry and Ginger Gray

Rick Patrick, Greene Publishing, Inc.

Jerry Gray had not been active in church for many years; even though his wife, Ginger, had begun going to the Madison Church of God. Ginger had been trying to get her husband involved with church, but church was not on Jerry's mind that Saturday morning nearly 30 years ago. Probably as a way of placating his wife, Jerry told her if he shot a deer that morning, he would go to church with her on Sunday. Of course, Jerry did get a deer on that Saturday morning and, true to his word, he did accompany Ginger to church the next day.

Since that time, the Gray's have been very involved with the Madison Church of God. Jerry serves on the Pastor Council and is a Trustee for the church. Ginger is the Sunday School Superintendent for the church. Both the Grays teach Sunday School for young adults.

Jerry is proud of the accomplishments of the church and looks forward to continued growth in the church's ministry. “We want the church to be active for the community. We also want the church to be a diverse church. We've made progress in that area, but there's still more we can do,” said Jerry. “We've been very blessed in the church and our business has been blessed as well.”

The Madison Church of God has also been blessed over the years. Thanks in a large part to one deer, nearly 30 years ago.

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