Life can be a struggle for us sometimes. We are always facing new battles and sometimes, it seems like insurmountable odds are stacked against us. We feel like a featherweight rookie boxer about to step into the ring against a seasoned heavyweight like Mike Tyson. It looks like it’s the end for us. Many times, the battle may be physical or it may be emotional. Either way, you are bound to get hurt. The physical battle may be against cancer or heart disease. The emotional battle may be worrying about a child who is going astray, the tragedy of a lost loved one or the breakup of a friendship or a marriage that is in turmoil. When times seem darkest, God is there in the darkness with us. So many times, we see His hands working in our lives, but when the lights are dimmed, we can’t see them. After a while, through prayer and hope, the lights come back on and we see God standing right next to the light switch, smiling at us. We look at a caterpillar, who at first seems so full of life. It’s not a pretty thing but if one were to be able to stand in place and watch the caterpillar appear to die, it will begin to pupate. A chrysalis will appear and when the chrysalis breaks, a beautiful butterfly will come forth. So many times, when we seem on the verge of defeat, we become a chrysalis and then a butterfly. A butterfly is a beautiful thing. It floats gracefully. God made us in His own image, so we are beautiful to Him. God sent His Son to die for our sins and that is beautiful to me.

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