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CFO Atwater launches Serve, Save, Succeed

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced a new, socially interactive website called Serve Save Succeed that provides Florida’s military service members and veterans a virtual resource for collaborative discussion and creative thinking about money management. Members of the military community face unique financial challenges. Serve, Save, Succeed offers them an opportunity to share the successes and misfortunes they’ve experienced. “I know that financial success stories come in all sizes and by sharing with one another, we can learn valuable information about how to make smarter financial decisions,” said CFO Atwater. “I hope that our Serve, Save, Succeed community offers financial support that helps guide you and your family on a lifelong path of financial security.”

The success of the site is based on user interaction, and users are encouraged to submit personal photos or videos in order to more vividly share their stories. In order to kick-start the website’s success, the Department has uploaded a series of photos and videos from individuals across Florida. The Department also provides a wealth of resources on the site aimed at financially preparing the military community at large for the future, including:
• Identity theft resources that better enable users to properly protect their identity
• Information about scams that specifically impact military members and their families
• A resource guide with in-depth information about budgeting and credit scores

Additionally, a series of resources are provided to better equip members of our armed services during their transition back to civilian life, including information about unemployment, homelessness, health care and disability benefits. For more information and resources to assist Florida’s military community in preparing for a solid financial future, visit the Department’s Serve Save Succeed, Financial Frontlines and Your Money Matter$ websites.

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