Central School Will Soon Have A Golf Cart

By Lynette Norris
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The campus of Madison County Central School is a large and sprawling place, surrounding an inner courtyard so huge it has housed school carnivals and festivals in the past, complete with several bounce houses, all without the least bit of feeling crowded or scrunched together.
All that space and room to move about does come with a downside, however, and that is if Point A and Point B are at opposite ends of the campus, getting from one to the other will be a bit of a hike, and if one must get there quickly, it’s a very long run.
That was why members of the nursing staff at MCCS went before the school board a few months ago requesting permission for the school to purchase a golf cart that could quickly navigate the large space.  The nurses’ station is located near the front office of the school, and the nursing staff was concerned that if a child was injured or became too ill to walk in a distant classroom or play area, it would be difficult to get the child to the nurses station.  The little ones could be carried, if necessary, but the Central School goes all the way up to the eighth grade, and some of the older students are nearly as tall and heavy as the faculty and staff members.
Then, too, things sometimes happen that require the immediate presence and quick intervention of the principal or other school administrator.
At a previous school board meeting, the district’s financial director, Ray Griffin, had submitted selections from three companies, ranging from $2500 to about $3100.  At the March 18 meeting, he went over the selections again, explaining the options as far as warranty and maintenance agreements that came with each one.  The money for the purchase was in the school’s discretionary budget.
Superintendent Doug Brown reminded everyone that even though the golf cart would give the principal and other staff/faculty quick access to any point of the campus when they needed, the original request had come from the nursing staff, and it was the nurses who would be the first users.
The board approved the purchase 4/1, with VeEtta Hagan casting the dissenting vote, explaining that she opposed the purchase of only one golf cart; a school that large “should have a at least two,” she said.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris