Celebrating The Johnson Brothers: Madison Natives Succeed In Athletics

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Von and Angela Rooks believe in and celebrate their sons, because they know that Terry and MyMy are gifts that God has entrusted into their lives. The young men are also blessed with family and friends who have provided a support system that is incomparable. Surrounded by unconditional love and the continual infilling of knowing that greatness was within them, confidence and success were inevitable.
Terry and MyMy began their academic and athletic journeys at Madison Central School. When the family decided to relocate to Tallahassee, Terry and MyMy’s dreams and expectations expanded. Terry chose to attend Rickards High School playing basketball and football. His prowess in the classroom and the athletic arena proved to be outstanding. As shooting guard, he helped to lead Rickards to a State Championship; and as an integral part of the Raiders Football Team, he played safety and quarterback.
Furthering his education was always in the forefront of Terry’s mind along with focusing on the NFL. Therefore, he entered Florida A&M University immediately after high school. As a part of the Rattlers’ Football team, he is viewed as a team player with incisive leadership skills. While on the team, he has played defensive back and punt returner. Additionally, because of his incisive skills Terry was chosen as Captain of the Secondary. Three of his most recent achievements were he was chosen to play in the South Carolina Bowl on Saturday, Dec. 20th, in Myrtle Beach, SC, he wears the title of All Conference, and on Friday, Dec. 12th he will graduate from Florida A&M University with a B. S. Degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology. Family and friends will be there to celebrate him and his accomplishments!
Kamaiu “MyMy”stumbled into golf, where he found he had talent. He discovered mentors, where he found direction, purpose and now “a calling.” He was 13 years old when city golf superintendent Jan Auger spotted him swinging a stick outside of the apartment where he lived on Hilaman Park Golf Course. Though a star youth baseball player, he was a catcher on the Myers Park team that won the 2006 Dizzy Dean World Series, he had never thought about playing golf. MyMy fell in love with golf, spending hours every day at Hilaman or Jake Gaither Park. His 6-foot, 150 pound form is a force to be reckoned with on the golf course. He impresses all with his talent swinging the golf club. He averages 310 yards off the tee, can work the ball left and right with ease and has a confident short game. He carries a plus-5 handicap and a 68 scoring average. MyMy realizes there’s a paucity of African-Americans in professional golf, and what he says is “there’s not a black golfer out there who doesn’t wonder why there aren’t more on the PGA Tour. I think it’s about belief, it’s about knowing that (all golfers) lace up their shoes just the same as me.”
On October 25-26, he turned pro and competed in the Jim Lee Open at Tallahassee Capital City Country Club. His family and friends witnessed and celebrated with him. He arrived at the tournament with credentials. Over the past five years, he has played 60 amateur tournaments, winning two, including the Tallahassee city championship in August. This summer, he reeled off several Top 10 finishes in amateur tournaments in New York. The Jim Lee Open , he placed third in his first pro tournament! Several local businessmen in Tallahassee have invested in MyMy, paying his memberships, purchasing his clubs, and are paying his expenses to compete on mini tours in North Florida and, next spring, in Central. When others attempted to change his path, he always said, “A doctor works hard and achieves his goal, and you’re telling me I can’t work hard and become a professional golfer? I’m the only one in my way, and I’m out of my way.”
Additionally, he was asked what was his plan B, and his response was adamant, “I have no plan B, golf has always taken care of me, and it’s not going away. The sky is the limit!”
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