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Let’s Call in the National Guard

Regarding the ongoing violent riots. First let’s get some perspective. These rioters and/or criminals are such fringe groups in our population, yet they dominate the news networks and the media.  They communicate a message that this behavior is somehow the norm with millions of followers. They knowingly inflame each situation.  I am not saying we should ignore the civil unrest, as it is one of great threats to our country. In the constitution under the law Americans have the right for peaceful  assemblage, to air their grievances in a public…

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Lost History

I am saddened but not surprised at the total lack of knowledge Americans have about their own history. You need go no further than watching the misguided conflict currently ongoing regarding historical statues and monuments associated with the Civil War.  After a century of misinformation and brain washing of our innocent school children, It is no wonder that the vast majority of Americans actually believe the Civil War was fought because of hateful slavery.  WRONG!  The Civil War was fought over state’s rights.  Granted, slavery was a tenant of some…

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Make Madison Great Again

The year is 33 CE.  It’s Sunday, the first day of the week, and Jesus has just appeared to Mary Magdalene. Upon seeing Jesus, Mary immediately runs to the Wardlaw Smith Goza house where the disciples were mourning and weeping. When they hear the news of Jesus’ resurrection they refuse to believe it.  Instead, the disciples decide to break bread and drink a glass of wine in remembrance of the life and ministry of their Lord. Paul heads to the wine chiller to grab a bottle of wine but discovers…

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Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ Is Now Unconstitutional, [Again].

A Miami judge has ruled that a new provision in the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law is unconstitutional because the legislature overstepped its rightful authority when it increased protections for defendants in self-defense cases. Earlier this year the Florida legislature passed an amendment to its 2005 Stand Your Ground law. The amendment SB 128 (re-instated) that the prosecution carries the burden of proof in pre-trial hearings, of self-defense incidents. “Innocent until proven guilty” has always been a foundational tenet of the United States justice system. Well, that is until last week [again]….

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