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Letter to the Editor: Socialism Creates Nothing

Watching the Democrats debate was a learning experience, if you were aware of what was being sold to the American public. There was no talk or any new ideas of how they were going to continue the growth of private sector job creation. It’s almost like they missed economics 101, while they were in school. You can never create new wealth by redistributing existing wealth! Socialism is 100% dependent on the private sector’s wealth. The wealth created by the private sector is not just a natural resource that government has…

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Letter To The Editor: “If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” Friedrich Hayek

The greatest threat facing the United States today doesn’t come from China, Iran, or even Russia; it’s the growing number of Americans, primarily millennials, who believe Karl Marx’s socialism provides the best political and economic strategy for making our communities safer, healthier and more prosperous. But the most significant danger posed by socialism is that it’s implementation would lead to greater poverty, fewer property rights, numerous moral problems, the limiting of individual liberty and religious freedoms. History shows that when reduced to it’s simplest legal and practical expression, socialism means…

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Letter To The Editor: A quick history of cuban socialism

Pedro has a job, a ’59 Chevy, a home, a farm where he grows sugarcane and has all kinds of animals, including a donkey. Pedro has worked hard all his life to attain this. Pedro pays Carlos to cut sugarcane. Carlos enjoys a daily siesta and he and his family are treated well. They all enjoy freedom to worship, have food on the table, a roof over their heads, enjoy a good cigar and Cuba Libre every day, and life is good. Then one day, a bearded man appears. He…

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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Lions Club

On Friday, Dec. 21, the Madison Lions Club members gathered at Pic-N-Sav, the newest grocery store in Madison County, to fill boxes of groceries for the ten families that were selected and vetted by the Senior Citizen Council of Madison County. With the help from the community and the District Governor Bobby Wright, the Lions were able to fill two banana boxes with groceries, enough to last hopefully a month, if not longer. The Lions also supplied the seniors with a $20 gift card for bread and milk. This letter,…

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