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From Morocco to Marzuq The history of Shriners in Madison County

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. For 72 years, Shriners in Madison County have been committed to helping crippled children walk by promoting the Shriners Hospitals for Children network. With over 90 local shriners, their mission remains the same. The fraternity, promoting fun and fellowship for Master Masons, was formed in 1870 by Walter Fleming and William J. Florence. Mecca Temple Shriners, members of the world’s first Shrine temple, met in 1872, in New York City. The first Imperial Session of the Shriners was held in Portland, Ore., in 1920. During…

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Santa Claus: the man behind the red suit

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. It’s a phenomenon that’s unable to be explained and it’s a tradition that has lasted for years past and will last for years to come. On Tuesday, Dec. 25, Santa Claus will begin his trek from the North Pole to each and every country on God’s green earth to deliver presents to children around the world. But just who is Santa Claus? Besides the silky, white beard and the plush-like red suit, an image which was virtually cemented in the minds of people by Norman…

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Masonry in Madison County

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. The world’s largest and oldest-running fraternity, Freemasonry is quite a phenomenon veiled in allegories, symbolism and brotherly love, so old that no one knows for certain how or when the fraternity was formed. Over multiple centuries, freemasonry has grown into a brotherhood comprised of four million men striving to be better and help others do the same. Freemasonry was once restricted to actual stonemasons but as the building industry in the 17th century declined, non-stonemasons were accepted as members, keeping the fraternity alive and true to…

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The beginning of Black Friday

Savannah Reams: Greene Publishing, Inc. Black Friday is an annual occurrence that is popular among millions of U.S. citizens. Many go to bed early Thanksgiving night, with intentions of waking in the wee hours of the morning to begin shopping the various Black Friday sales at stores throughout each city. Some even begin shopping the night of Thanksgiving, refusing to cease throughout the night. The rest stay home, avoiding the crowds while they digest the day’s feast. But, how did this begin? How did the day after Thanksgiving become the…

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