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Pork was king in the 1930s

Mickey Starling: Greene Publishing, Inc. When we think of pork today, pork chops, bacon and ham are quick to come to mind. But, back in the 1930s, pork of all cuts was often king of the dinner table. Other than gathering around a radio in the evenings, many social gatherings in Madison County centered around helping a neighbor with the necessities of daily life. Due to the hardships brought on by the depression, money was scarce and many folks exchanged labor for the supplies they needed. Combining hard work with…

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The Agner Family

Story Submitted: Rebecca Sellars, Madison Genealogy Society Around 1861, just in time for the Civil War, Samuel and Mary Martha Tittle Agner moved into Madison county. Samuel and Mary settled six miles northeast of Madison, near present day County Road 254, and they brought all eight of their children. The Agners moved from Greenwood County, S.C. Samuel was around 40 years old, and Mary was around 35. Shortly after he arrived, Samuel served as a private in the Confederate Army, from 1862-1865; he served in Captain John Westcoat’s Company of…

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Red Devil exhibit now open

  John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc. One of the must-see places in Madison County popular with visitors from across the nation is the Treasures of Madison County Museum. With a new, eye-catching exhibit, the local museum is sure to attract proud Red Devils. Recently, the Madison High School Red Devils exhibit was opened for the summer, allowing past graduates, athletes and band members to reminisce about days gone by. As one walks into the room, the eye-popping red on the letterman jackets and cheerleader uniforms attract immediate attention. Class photos…

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Madison’s Black Beauty was a genius

Mickey Starling: Greene Publishing, Inc. In the early 1900s, paved roads were unheard of in Madison County. On a rainy day, these roads could become pretty soft and messy and enough rain could leave roads a mess for days. Perhaps that is why Madison’s Fire Chief, Malachi Waring, decided against a fire truck when that option came available. Waring did not trust that a motor would be reliable enough to serve the needs of the fire department. Instead, Waring relied on a beautiful black horse that he personally trained. This…

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