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Christian Concepts: The God of the Bible

The late Dr. D. James Kennedy related an account of a woman he was attempting to share the Gospel with. When he said, “we need to be saved so as to gain heaven and miss hell;” she responded that her god was a god of love and would not send anyone to hell. Dr. Kennedy repeatedly shared with this lady scriptures that speak of a place of eternal torment and the need to be saved from such a place, only to have her repeat her initial asseveration. Finally, he recognized…

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From the sunny side… Advice

This is the season for graduations. Both college and high school. Although I have never been asked to deliver a commencement address, I think it would be kinda cool. Giving advice to those young, eager skulls full of mush. “Take my advice, I’m not using it,” would be the first thing I would say. Actually, I think I have learned a thing or two along the way of living life. Some of those things would have been nice to hear when I was younger. I doubt I would have heeded…

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Keep the Pressure Down

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) encourages all Americans to be aware of the need to keep a check on your blood pressure to reduce your risk of several chronic diseases. This month, take action and find out what your blood pressure numbers are, what they mean, and what to do to prevent or control this all too common condition. NHLBI warns that high blood pressure is a dangerous condition.  Sometimes known as the silent killer, many people do…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Respect For Parents And Adults – And The Lack Of It

It totally amazes me the lack of manners being taught to our youth. Manners that I so affectionately call “home-raising.” I have always teased by saying that I learned how to say “Yes Ma-am” and “Yes Sir” before I learned to say “Mama” and “Daddy.” Although it is said in jest, I know that my “Ma-am” and “Sir” and “Thank You” and “Please” didn’t come far behind in my teachings. Manners and respect for adults were taught first, and foremost, by my parents. (And it all went hand in hand…

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