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Christian Concepts: Myths

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus was the offspring of the Greek god Zeus and a mortal female virgin Semele. Accounts claims he could turn water into wine and had died and been resurrected. The parallels to the Christ narrative of Scripture are unmistakable, but he had a cultic following that predates Christ’s advent by 1,500 years. Likewise the Egyptian god Osiris repeatedly died and was resurrected and fathered a son named Horus that presages the life of Jesus by 3,000 years. There are those who claim these narratives along with…

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H4: Head, Heart, Hands & Health: Madison Farm Bureau’s Special Livestock Show, October 10th

As a community organization, Florida 4-H enjoys partnering with local businesses, organizations and other entities to provide unique positive youth development opportunities for all youth in our area. One of these opportunities has recently presented itself through the partnering of Madison Farm Bureau, 4-H, and FFA to put on a Special Livestock Show for any youth with any form of special needs or disability. The show will take place on October 10th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Madison Agriculture Center where our North Florida Livestock Show and…

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Recall Update: IKEA recalls Patrull nightlight

The Swedish retail company IKEA and the Consumer Products Safety Commission has issued a recall for nearly half a million IKEA Patrull nightlights sold in the U.S and Canada as well as worldwide between August 2013 and July 2015, at IKEA stores nationwide and online at The light’s transparent plastic cover can pop off, exposing the electrical parts underneath. In an incident reported from Austria, a child received a minor shock and hand injury when attempting to unplug a light after the cover had come off, but there have…

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Christian Concepts: To judge or not to judge

I realize that when certain ideas become ingrained in the popular mindset, those ideas are seldom amenable to change. Once we accept a certain viewpoint we are reluctant to reconsider an alternative explanation. That holds true when it comes to the Bible. I often hear people quote the Scriptures and because they misunderstand what is being said they misapply what they have read, or in most instances what they have heard. One of the most misunderstood teachings in the Word of God is what is written about judging. I often…

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