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Passing Parade: Illegal marijuana shops undercut legal market

Nelson A. Pryor: Guest Columnist So ran the Associated Press article in the July 8, 2018, “Atlanta Constitution,” 10a, on marijuana shops. Broad marijuana legalization arrived in California this year. From the beginning, law enforcement and civic-minded citizens were concerned that the legal market would be swallowed up and not be allowed to exist, thus be undermined by the historic black market that had existed for decades. Selling Point One of the selling points, by the voter-approved ballot measure legalizing cannabis in California, was an attractive provision for some that…

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National Security: America’s Game

As a boy growing up in North Florida in the late 1950s, I was attracted to sports – anything with a ball. I wasn’t as good at it as many of my friends, but my enthusiasm was unbounded. Looking back, I suppose that baseball was my favorite. There is an old saying that baseball is like “apple pie, motherhood and the American flag.” For a century or so, baseball was America’s game – the national pastime. Then in the 1970s, football and the NFL began to overtake baseball. It was…

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Christian Concepts: Is the Bible reliable?

I recently read two articles; one was titled “10 Bible verses that were changed in translation,” and “10 dark and ungodly christian beliefs.” Both are written in a deceivingly winsome style, but the intent is not so innocent. The first leads some to think the Bible is untrustworthy and the second is an attack on the Christian faith predicated on the Scriptures. People attack the Bible and the Christian faith founded upon it for a host of reasons. It is even fashionable to do so in the culture we live…

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From the sunny side… The way we were

I recently had the good fortune to attend my 40th high school reunion. I say good fortune because my high school graduation class (Taylor County High School class of 1978) was a really fun group of people; we still are. Consequently, I knew a good time was in store for me this past Saturday evening. I have found that as I’ve grown older, events like reunions have become much more appealing to me than they were when I was younger. I guess that’s probably the natural progression of things. As…

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