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Emerald’s Gem Box: Do politics bring out the worst in people or do politics bring out the “real” in people?

Political Season… Most of us can’t wait to see it end! Even those who are running for office seem to anticipate the end of it. There seems to be stress and tension in many conversations about politics; whether it’s about national, state or local candidates. In the newspaper business I have people mad at me for many things. Some people get mad because their mug shot (or a loved one’s mug shot) is on front page. Others get mad if their name is mentioned in the “Crime Beat.” I also…

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National Security: Mick

As a boy in the late 1950s, I loved to watch baseball during the lazy days of summer. I watched the Game-of-the-Week (on CBS I think) announced by Dizzy Dean and Peewee Reese. My favorite team was the New York Yankees and I idolized their great center fielder Mickey Mantle. I was a switch-hitter because Mickey was. This was the stuff of dreams. I had a connection to Mickey through my mother. When I was just a year old in 1949, 17-year-old Mickey came to play for the Independence Yankees…

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From the sunny side… One percent

I have been told on more than one occasion that I have a rather warped or twisted sense of humor. Not in the sense that I take great pleasure in “dead cat” jokes, although I have heard some that made me laugh (I can just see the “Letters to the Editor” now! No, I am NOT advocating being mean to cats, be they alive or deceased). I mean in the sense that many people simply do not “get” my humor. I often find myself explaining to my dear co-workers my…

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Achieving home ownership is possible

Funding for the State Housing Initiative Program, better known as SHIP, is available for Madison County residents; funds help with down payment and closing costs on the purchase of a home.  Prospective homeowners must secure a mortgage from a lender before the down payment and closing money is allocated for payment at the official closing on the home purchase.  It is an on-going program providing a boost to achieve homeownership that many people overlook. Over the years, SHIP has helped many families and individuals in Madison County achieve home ownership….

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