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Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc. I readily admit that I am a nosey person. Not really in a rude way, or at least I don’t think I am rude. I chalk it up to a natural curiosity more than anything else. I actually find myself telling my co-workers, “It’s okay to tell me to mind my own business.” My wonderful co-workers are usually too polite to say that to me, although they may think it to themselves on occasion. Personally, I think a certain level of “nosiness” is a good…

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From the sunny side… Having fun

There are moments in our lives that things seem to mysteriously fall into place. Some may call it providence, some may call it serendipity; others still, may call it just pure dumb luck. I like to think there is some kind of “plan” to it all, although I would be the first to admit to not understanding all of it. However you see it, life just seems to “work out” the way it does, sometimes. Two years ago, I happened to be looking through that Facebook thing and I saw…

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Homework can be a family project

Now that school is back in session, homework is going to be a nightly ritual in many homes. Although children and parents often dread it, homework provides an important opportunity for children to practice what they have learned in school. At home, they can get more in-depth information, apply skills learned more broadly, obtain important learning and organizational skills, and learn how to work independently with self-discipline. Homework can also provide an opportunity for parents to get a sense of what their children are doing in school, how well they…

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National Security: California Burning

Fifty-some years ago, a popular singing group “The Mamas and Papas” jumped to the front of the hit parade with their iconic song “California Dreaming.” An updated version a half-century later might be ‘California Burning.’ For the last month, the nightly news programs have featured a segment on the massive wildfires burning across the Golden State. This isn’t a new phenomenon – a year ago the same programs were talking about the massive fire in the Napa wine country. In checking back through the archives of this column, I wrote…

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