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From the sunny side… The cynical romantic

This time of year always strikes me in an odd way. For most of my “adult” life, I have been single. Not just single, as in unmarried; but single, as in unmarried with no realistic prospects. I guess after spending so much time by one’s self, one tends to get used to the situation and one tends to not put much emphasis on “he-ing and she-ing.” That is the situation in which I find myself these days. It isn’t that I am incapable of being a romantic. Ask anyone who…

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Learning As I Go: Stir up the embers

There is nothing like sitting around a fire. My day might be crazy and the stress overwhelming, but pulling up a chair and sitting by the fire seems to make the cares of this world disappear. Many evenings I am the first one outside. I grab some oak and stack it in the fire pit. Then I go back and find lightered wood and pine to stuff under the pieces of oak. Sometimes the flame starts easily, but other times it’s a struggle to just catch the wood on fire….

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! The smell of love, flowers and candy fill the air. Whether it’s love for your spouse, your children, parents or a best friend, everyone has someone they can share a small token of love with. But what is love? According to, it is “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” Yet, that definition doesn’t seem to fully portray what love is; at least not to those of us who have experienced true love. And yet, love is a word that too many people tend to…

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From the sunny side… Positivity

I am generally an optimistic person. That’s the main point behind our weekly visits. I’ve always figured there’s enough “doom and gloom” with which we are constantly bombarded that a little bit of “positivity” is often welcomed. I do admit it has been quite a challenge lately. It seems there are big problems both locally and nationally. A lot of folks seem to find that the easiest method of dealing with problems is to point fingers at all the folks we think are responsible; whether they really are responsible or…

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