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National Security: Environmental Disaster

I’m not committed to environmental orthodoxy about matters such as climate change. I had my doubts before the terms changed from global warming over to climate change, and they haven’t changed. The recent events in Paris demonstrate that many others have doubts as well and are willing to revolt at the cost of seven dollars per gallon for gasoline, half that amount in taxes. However, I do believe that man can create significant environmental damage, and specifically, I’m thinking of the damage caused by war. I’m currently reading a book…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Here we go again … someone got offended and thinks the whole world should change in order to make them feel better! I am so tired of pieces of our history being banned or erased. Several people have come forward and are demanding that the Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” be banned from the radio because the lyrics are offensive, having ‘predatory undertones’ and it should be deemed ‘inappropriate.’ I understand the sensitivity behind the #metoo movement. Believe me, I am a #metoo survivor (from age 14 on up…

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From the sunny side… Whose idea was that?

The other day, as I was leaving work, I saw a pair of baby goats playing. Fortunately, I always keep my camera nearby, just in case I come across something “picture-worthy” (such as a pair of baby goats playing). After I took the picture, I was struck with an unusual thought. For me, unusual thoughts are fairly commonplace, so they are probably only unusual for “normal” people. As I watched the two baby goats playing, I wondered, “Who came up with the idea of ‘goat yoga?'” You can look it…

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Learning As I Go: When the Storm is Overwhelming

Christy Bass Adams Guest Columnist I sat in my recliner early Monday morning and listened to the wind howling outside. The rain beat down on the roof, lightning flashed, thunder pounded. And then, suddenly, it stopped. As if my heart wasn’t already pounding, the eerie silence almost made me sick. I strained and listened for the deep, prolonged roar that I knew was about to show up. As I listened through the silence, I heard a high pitched whine that sent shivers down my spine. Immediately, I was taken back…

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