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The Editor’s Desk: Matters of the heart

My father and I largely differ when it comes to politics. I consider myself left of center—he’s staunchly conservative and relatively miffed at some of my political perspectives. But, there’s nothing but love between us and we enjoy our discussions. My parents taught me to think for myself—to do my research, learn and, above all, listen. Whether they’re kicking themselves in the butt for pushing me to be a free thinker, I’ll never know. Despite our differences, there’s one topic we largely agree on. Last night, I made my routine…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Happy birthday to us! 55 years and counting

August 5, 1964, was the first edition of the Madison County Carrier. My parents (at the young age of 25) founded and started this newspaper with no newspaper experience at all; but with a lot of hard work, dedication and will-power. A lot has changed in 55 years. My dad and mom are no longer in the newspaper business and I have become what is known as the 2nd generation; along with now publishing four newspapers a week, the Madison County Carrier, The Madison Enterprise-Recorder, the Monticello News and the…

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Learning As I Go: Choose to hold your kids

Tonight was the first night in eight years that David hasn’t had one of our boys sitting with him and falling asleep in his lap. Eight years. How did that even happen? He held Carter every night until the summer before he started school. About that time, Daniel was born, and he took over Carter’s spot. And now, Daniel turns four tomorrow, starts pre-k next week, and Carter begins third grade. It’s just going by way too fast. And yes, I know what all of the experts say and I’ve…

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From the sunny side: The price of taste

I have one clearly-defined goal for the next year. I am doing my best to try and save as much money as I can in order to attend a reunion in Scottsdale, Ariz. next summer. I’m not quite sure of what the final price tag for the trip will be, but it will definitely be one of those things that will take a great deal of “belt tightening” and saving in order to accomplish. It will happen, but not without a certain level of sacrifice now. I have no doubt…

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