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From the sunny side… Free range parenting

I heard a phrase the other day that I had not heard. The term was “free range parenting.” I’ve heard the term “free range chickens” before. In fact, we have a pair of free range chickens that roam about the outside of our building here at Greene Publishing, Inc. The “Greene Publishing chickens” seem to be happy from what I can tell. They do what one would expect chickens to do. From all my observances, these two birds are well versed in chickenhood and have very little need of assistance…

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Learning As I Go: Fathers, share your heart

My youngest has been carrying around a tiny, little bear in a crocheted hat for the past couple of days. “Shhhh,” he whispers, “Baby Bear is asleep in his nest.” Last night, Baby Bear and his nest had to sleep in my lap and I had to kiss Baby Bear on the head just like I kiss Daniel. I smile as I see him carrying around “his baby.” He is gentle, careful, and sweet in all of his interactions, just as if he was taking care of a real baby….

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National Security: Electricity

Before he died in 1994, I got to know Congressman Bob “He-Coon” Sikes pretty well. He represented West Florida in Congress from 1940-1977. When first elected, his congressional district stretched from the Aucilla River west to Pensacola. Sikes was born in South Georgia in 1906. He told me once that the most significant innovation in his lifetime to improve the lives of country folks was rural electrification. I’ve been thinking about the He Coon’s advice as I’ve read in our local newspaper the issue of a new east-west powerline that…

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From the Sunny Side… Ice cream cones

I have a news flash for anyone who hasn’t wandered outside in the last couple of weeks. It has been hot! It reminds me of a story my grandfather used to tell me about the hottest summer he ever experienced. He said it was so hot that a field of corn started popping, a rooster saw it and thought it was snowing … and froze to death. I won’t say it’s been hot enough to pop a field of popcorn, but it has been hot enough to make me truly…

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