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From the sunny side… Grit

Disclaimer: The purpose of this column is for humor and parody. It does not necessarily reflect the attitudes or opinions of Greene Publishing, Inc., the writer or anyone else, for that matter. Some of you may remember from several months back, when I spoke of my experience with Sea Monkeys, that I am a big fan of old comic books. Like most things that are old, they don’t make them any more. I still have my stack of old comic books in the closet of my old room in the…

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Learning As I Go: Waiting for a tree to fall

We are slowly building our house. It’s been two and half years and we are only a few weeks away from starting the dry-in process. We knew it would take a while, but we wanted to avoid the huge mortgage that often accompanies new homes. It’s been an exciting and tiring journey and our weekends are often filled with lots of extra work. This weekend proved to be no different. We spent Saturday morning digging footers for the side porch of the house. The boys and I also chipped extra…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Have you thanked a farmer lately?

My husband and I attended the annual Madison County Farm Bureau banquet two weeks ago, and what a delight it was. For those who couldn’t make the event, you really missed a special treat. Congratulations go out to the Kevin Leslie Family for being named the Farm Family of the Year. The prestigious award for Service to Agriculture went to Senator Bill Montford and former Representative Halsey Beshears. The George Townsend Good Neighbor Award was presented to Phil Roberts. The Soil & Water Conservation Award was presented to Jerry Herring…

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From the Sunny Side: Clones

I’m sure everyone has heard about Dolly, the sheep that was cloned a couple of years ago. It raised a lot of discussion and controversy about the whole idea of cloning. I’ve seen previews of a movie that is supposed to be coming out in the next couple of weeks about some government hit-man assassin type guy who has to do battle with his clone. That looks like it might be a pretty cool movie. I tend to like those action/adventure sort of movies anyway. I’ve sometimes thought it might…

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