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Learning As I Go: Thankful

As the Easter season approaches, I find myself thinking about Jesus’ sacrifice so many years ago. He lived, died and rose again just because of his deep and profound love for us. He didn’t have to give his life, but he did, and during this Easter season, my heart is filled with gratitude and praise. Even though this season promotes thankfulness and praise, I don’t want this to be the only time of year that I stop and say thank you. I want this season to be the beginning of…

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Learning As I Go: Buy one get one

Christy Bass Adams: Guest Columnist Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the verse that says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” What does this look like in my every day walking around life? For me, I need to start at the most foundational level, my basic needs and care. As a part of loving myself, I make sure that I have food in my stomach, three times a day. So the question now becomes: if I am loving myself by providing for my basic needs, am I loving others…

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Learning As I Go: One person’s junk

Christy Bass Adams: Guest Columnist While cleaning out closets today, we found a lot of items that would seem like junk to one person, but could be treasure to someone else. Years of stashing items away has created a hodge podge of items from many years and many different people. I started thinking about how easily junk accumulates. It’s easy to shove items somewhere, throw a box here or stash something there. Sometimes shoving stuff out of sight and out of mind becomes a way of dealing with the bombardment…

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From the sunny side… Aging

This week has been a cause for celebration here at Greene Publishing, Inc. Our publisher and fearless leader, Emerald G. Parsons, celebrated her fiftieth birthday. I must say, she approached the day with a great deal of grace. Some may have been a little “down” at such a milestone. To her credit, Emerald handled the event rather well. Now, I surpassed that particular milestone several years ago. I must say, when I hit 50 years old, I didn’t think a lot about it. I withstood some good-natured ribbing from some…

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