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From the sunny side… Saturday mornings

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.  Thinking back on my much younger days, I think some of my fondest memories revolve around Saturday mornings. That is especially true this time of year. It seemed the middle of September not only would bring my birthday, but it would also bring a new season of Saturday morning cartoons. For some reason, which is as foreign and mysterious to me as the real ingredients of Spam, television network executives have seen fit to do away with those delightful Saturday morning animated treats. Some of…

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Learning As I Go: Pick Up Those Nails

Christy Bass Adams: Guest Columnist I was reminded this week of a time when I was walking around Lake Frances, here in Madison. As most of you know, the paved walking path and beautiful wildlife make this a fabulous place to exercise. As I was walking, I saw a small nail in the road and purposefully stepped over it. I thought about going back and moving it so that no one would step on it or pick it up in a tire, but instead of going back, I kept walking….

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From the sunny side… Sea Monkeys

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.  I am a huge fan of old comic books. I haven’t always been a fan of old comic books, I just like the comic books I liked when I was a kid; they’re just old comic books now. I still have a stack of them in the house where I grew up. I do admit, it’s fun to pull some of those old comic books and once again read of the wacky military adventures of Sad Sack, or the crime-stopping exploits of Batman, or the…

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Learning As I Go: Wear your own shoes

Christy Bass Adams: Guest Columnist I walked around the corner and saw my three-year-old son sitting on the ground whimpering. As I got closer, he looked up at me through teary, humble eyes and said, “I think I’m going to need some help.” All I could do was laugh. Somehow he had made it all the way down the steps and into the yard wearing my husband’s heavy, lace-up, work boots. The poor guy was pinned down by the weight of trying to fill someone else’s shoes. I helped him…

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