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Learning As I Go: Juanita Ragans, a life well lived

My mom called Saturday with the news that Mrs. Juanita Ragans passed away. Immediately a flood of memories washed over me as tears ran down my cheeks. Mrs. Juanita loved us kids. Almost all of my childhood church memories have her in them. She was the pianist for our church and boy was she talented. Regularly she had a houseful of us middle schoolers lounging on her couch, laying in the floor, or sitting beside her on the piano bench, soaking in the beautiful melodies she played on the piano….

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Trump’s impeachment – 3 years ongoing and counting

Impeachment is something that is supposed to be exceptionally unusual. It is supposed to be bipartisan and it is supposed to be fair. None of these statements hold true to the last three years of Donald Trump’s presidency. The left “Trump Haters” have been screaming “impeachment” since Nov. 2016 … before Donald Trump even took office. For any of you readers that have not watched any of the impeachment proceedings on the television or on YouTube, please do so. And don’t just watch it on your favorite media, for that…

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From the sunny side: Life is good

This morning I was taking a “stroll” and saw something that made me pause and think. It was a shopping bag filled with underwear, t-shirts and lounge pants. It wasn’t really the contents of the bag that caught my attention, it was what was on the outside of the bag. On the outside of the bag was one of those goofy-looking stick figures with the big grin, saying, “Life is good.” Some of you may have heard about my “sideline collision” by now. For those who haven’t, here’s the “Reader’s…

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Learning As I Go: Missing Mickey

Our long-time neighbor, Mickey McFarland, passed away a few weeks ago. When we first moved in at the end of the road, Mickey’s parents, Carlos and Haddie Lee still lived in the house. They were great neighbors and we always made a point to stop and talk with them any time they were out and about. A few years later, Mickey moved in with them. Mickey served in the military and, as the story goes, he experienced some terrible things. The first time I met Mickey, he scared me a…

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