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From the sunny side… Taken for granted

There’s a story I heard once that goes something like: “For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For the want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For the want of a horse, the king was lost. For the want of a king, the battle was lost. For the want of a battle the war was lost. All for the want of a nail.” I wonder why we take so many simple things for granted. For example, there was a time when there was no such thing…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Remembering My Daddy – Seven Years Later

Last Sunday, Feb. 17, marked seven years since the day I sat and held my Daddy’s hand and watched as he took his last breath, on this Earth. As my heart broke into a million pieces, I watched the strongest man I ever knew, slip away from me. I loved my Daddy with all my heart. He was truly the love of my life, my confidant, my mentor, my hero and “my everything.” He would always laugh and say he only graduated high school because he had my Mom to…

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National Security: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Joe Boyles Guest Columnist A self-fulfilling prophecy begins with a false narrative that seems believable and consequently, causes others to perpetuate the original error. As such, it becomes self-fulfilling, taking on a life of its own. Con artists and politicians are famous for throwing out a false assumption and then building their narrative upon that. That’s one of the reasons we must challenge assumptions for their validity. As one of my former bosses used to say, “You need to have a healthy dose of skepticism.” Here’s an example of a…

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Learning As I Go: I Do Have to Feed You, Don’t I?

Christy Bass Adams Guest Columnist Monday was one of those days. I loaded up the kids for school and my car wouldn’t start. I popped the hood and struggled for ten minutes to open the latch. Once I finally got it open, I had to ask Google where the battery was located. Thankfully, Papa came to the rescue and was able to jump us off. I made it to school by 8:30 a.m. and to work by 9 a.m.. As I was leaving for lunch, I noticed my tire looked…

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