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Turkey Basics

Preparing a holiday bird can cause a major challenge in some households. It’s because we only prepare a turkey once or twice a year, and it is so much larger than anything else we put into the oven. Since many of you will be preparing a turkey for the dinner table next week, it’s time to visit a few basic rules. When it comes to food preparation, it is best to stick to the basics. If you are planning to prepare a turkey this holiday season, a few tips from…

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From the Sunny Side: Shaking my head

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has followed the events since the election of last Tuesday with more than just a little bit of dismay. I’m speaking of what we have seen going on in South Florida; specifically Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Seeing their problems makes me glad that I no longer live down there. I did live in Broward County, and later Palm Beach County, for a couple of years. It was one of those “It seemed like a good idea at the time” things that…

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National Security: Stewardship

It is that time of year when churches across our community hold their annual pledge drives to secure commitments to fund their church and its missions for the coming year. St. Mary’s Episcopal is no different. Based on pledge commitments, we’ll be able to build a budget for 2019, strengthen the church within and look to more opportunities for outreach ministries beyond the church walls. Stewardship is a broader term than pledging and is Biblical by nature. Stewardship means to be entrusted with the care of something and to accept…

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From the sunny side… My four-legged alarm

I’m still waiting patiently on that “one extra hour of sleep” that was promised a couple weeks ago. I set my clocks back an hour just like I was reminded to do. There was just one slight problem. My dog hasn’t received the message that 5 a.m. is still 5 a.m. Somehow my little dog, Natty, has it in her mind that 4 a.m. is now the time when she should have breakfast. She was on a schedule of breakfast at 5 a.m., but somehow the new 5 a.m. has…

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