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From the sunny side: Happy Birthday Smokey

I have always had an affection for Smokey the Bear. When I was little, my grandmother gave me a “Smokey the Bear” teddy bear. He had a badge, hat and the rest of his uniform. He even came with a badge and certificate for me, designating me as a “Junior Forest Ranger,” with all the duties and privileges contained therein. Included was also a comic book telling the true story of the real-life Smokey the Bear. Before my grandmother let me wear my new Junior Forest Ranger badge, I had…

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Learning As I Go: The Pieces of My Heart

When my first son was born, my heart was full. There were so many firsts that we experienced and there was so much life we did together. And then my son Daniel came along. He was born 11 days before Carter started “big boy” school. I didn’t think my heart could stretch any bigger than it already had, but somehow it stretched to include an exact Daniel-sized hole. Having the boys four years apart was almost like having an only child during the school day. All of the special attention…

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill In life, we must all learn to embrace change. To expect change. To wish for change. For change is all around us. Change is inside of us. Change is all there is. Change helps us grow. Change keeps us moving forward. Change keeps us on our toes, rather than becoming complacent. Yet, many of us fear change. Businesses and organizations need to always commit to continue to look for ways to change, in order to…

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From the sunny side: Memories

I imagine more than a couple of you saw that headline and sang to yourself, “Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty, water-color memories, of the way we were.” If you didn’t before, I bet you have now. Memories are funny things. There are times when I can remember vivid details from 30 or 40 years ago, but can’t remember where I left the TV remote. There are other times when I will see something and it will trigger a strong response in the increasingly shrinking memory banks of…

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