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Passing Parade: No Safe Spaces

Nelson A. Pryor: Guest Columnist There’s a climate establishment, and Miss Gwen Beatty, a high school junior, of Wellston, Oh., is not in it. It all started for her, when a Fellow of the Alliance for Climate Education, started to teach at her school. That Alliance had recruited climate change advocates, charged them up, and sent those “students/fellows” out to teach, as focused advocates, propagandists really, to alarm and disturb high school students, about global warming. One of those Fellows, James Sutter, had just received his degree in science education,…

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Passing Parade: Florida bill could set national tone

Nelson A. Pryor: Guest Columnist What do you do if the Florida State Supreme Court cuts the heart out of the “Stand Your Ground” law, as they did in 2015? The court ruled that the defendant has the burden of proof before trial, if a “Stand Your Ground” defense, is pursued. A bill, sponsored by State Representative Bobby Payne, Republican of Putnam County, would undo that burden by shifting that burden to prosecutors. That bill was made a priority by the Republican Legislators of Florida. It passed both houses, and…

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Christian Concepts: The truth about lies

The June 2017 edition of National Geographic magazine has an article titled, Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways. It is interesting what science has to say about the ninth commandment of the Decalogue that reads, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor,” Exodus 20:16. Before I get into the article, I think it is important that we distinguish an untruth from a lie. We have all said things at times that at the moment we thought were true and discovered later they weren’t, but they…

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From the sunny side… wardrobe malfunctions

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc. I have probably said it before and will likely say it again, I truly do love the staff with whom I work every day. Even when things get a little tense, I have learned to think “Oh that’s so and so, just being so and so.” During those times, I usually just smile and nod, and make note of any corrections I may need to make. I have learned to take very little of anything said, done, or heard during “tense” times personally. A vast…

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