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From the sunny side… Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

Rick Patrick: Columnist This morning I took a glance at the calendar on the wall of my cozy little cubicle and noticed that this past Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving Day. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind having a different day for Thanksgiving in different locales. It probably should not come as a surprise that different places have different days for different things. Perhaps it comes down to a cultural thing. I wonder when they have July the Fourth in Mexico. In Canada, Thanksgiving is always the second Monday of…

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Emerald’s Gem Box: Happy Birthday, Kennedy

One year ago, I entered into the elite and amazing group of grandparenthood; and I must say being a grandmother (A.K.A. Glamma) is absolutely wonderful. My perfect little granddaughter, Kennedy Elizabeth Holbrook, will turn one year old on Thursday, Oct. 17. I love my two daughters with every fiber of my being! However, I have always been told that the love of a grandchild will surpass anything I thought I could possibly feel for another child. Some of my friends would tell me they wish their grandchildren had come first….

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Learning As I Go: Every. Single. Day

Hoping to save a few dollars on doors and windows, a friend took me to Jacksonville this weekend to bargain shop. I purposely wore my Celebrate Recovery shirt in anticipation of connecting with a curious conversationalist. The phrase on the back of the shirt reads, “Where I am going is more important than where I have been.” With little success finding bargains, we began the trek home, by way of Chick-fil-A. As we stood off to the side and waited on our food, one of the employees commented on my…

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From the sunny side: Old rocks

Rick Patrick Columnist I heard something on the radio this morning that caused things to suddenly “hit home” with me.  Those of you who may have been paying attention may remember that I had my 59th birthday about a month ago. Most of the time, I look at age as “just a number.” I generally feel pretty good most days. I don’t run or jog anymore, but running and jogging has never been an activity that I particularly enjoyed, so I don’t feel a great deal of loss there. I…

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