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Local children travel “To Mars and Beyond”

Story submitted: Nancy M. Taylor Beginning on Monday, July 15, the children of New Testament Christian Center, Florida Sheriff’s Boys’ Ranch and several children from the community were transported “To Mars and Beyond” for a powerful, fun-filled week of vacation bible school (VBS) as they learned to experience God’s power. The theme bible verse for this year’s VBS was Ephesians 3:20 (CEV), “Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us.” Following supper each night,…

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Childhood reflections with a touch of grace: Underwear nightmare

Generally speaking, vulnerability is a good thing. But, there are good ways to accomplish this and there are methods that are the making of nightmares. My most memorable experience was of the latter variety. Church youth trips are the best way for a kid to safely let their hair down … or to get caught with their pants down. My hair was far too curly to go anywhere but up. My pants were a different matter. All of the guys in my youth group were involved in jokes and jests…

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Childhood reflections with a touch of grace: Flee from Alfred Lee

Though the story described below is factual, Alfred Lee is a fictional name used to protect the identity of any family members of the young man living in Madison. If your name happens to be Alfred Lee, it is strictly coincidental. As a youngster, I was all about sports. Though I was legendarily awful at most of them. In the third grade, I caught more balls with my face than with my hands, while playing little league basketball, which was called “Bitty Basketball” back when the dinosaurs and I were…

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Childhood reflections with a touch of grace: The fight is on

Fighting is not permitted at school but pencils are. So, since most boys in junior high are aspiring gladiators, it made sense for us to create a means of fighting to the death, making our classrooms the grand colosseums they were meant to be. Of course, I am speaking of the age-old tradition of pencil fighting. For those of you who have resigned yourselves to the mummification of smartphones, pencil fighting is riveting fun, especially if girls are watching. The objective is pretty simple. You create tension on your pencil…

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