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Careless Driving Leads to overturned vehicle

According to the FHP, Randall Burns, 28, of Tallahassee, was driving an ambulance, equipped with its emergency equipment, westbound down Interstate 10 in the middle lane. Along with him was Demi Davis, 28, of Lake City. Burns slowed his vehicle as he attempted to switch into the inside lane of the interstate in order to get to a crash scene that was in the grass of the median. Meanwhile, Benjamin White, 34, of Bossier, LA, was driving behind Burns and when Burns attempted to change lanes. White tried to maneuver his own vehicle into the outer lane. White states, as he was attempting to enter the outside lane, an unknown vehicle that was following White also changed lanes and came up along the right side of White’s vehicle, obstructing him from successfully entering the outer lane of Interstate 10. Realizing that he couldn’t make his way into the lane change, White then tried to veer his vehicle left in an attempt to not hit the unknown driver and motor vehicle that had obscured his path. However, his actions led him to collide the left front end of his vehicle to Burns’ right rear. White’s 2002 Suzuki then overturned and came to a final rest on its wheels, facing west in the northbound lane of Interstate 10. Burns’ ambulance came to a stop facing west in the westbound emergency lane. No one was transported to any hospital with injuries, and White has been charged with careless driving.

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