Candidates For Primary Election Have Qualified

By Jessie R. Box
Greene Publishing, Inc.
The last day for candidates to qualify and be placed on the ballot for the primary election was Friday, June 20. The primary election will be for the School Board members for Districts 1, 3 and 5 as well as the County Commissioner for District 2 and 4. The primary election will be on Tuesday, August 26.
For School Board District 1, the candidates are: Jeanne Bass, Terrence Lamont Boatman, Jay Lee and Suzie Bishop Williamson. For School Board District 3, the candidates are: Surretta Lee Bell and VeEtta Hagan. For School Board District 5, the only candidate is Bart Alford.
For County Commissioner District 2, the only candidate is Wayne Vickers, who is running as a Democrat. For County Commissioner District 4, the candidates are: Alfred Martin and Howard Pickels, both are running as Democrats.
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box