Calling All Non-Profits Farm Share Depot Arrives!

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By Rose Klein
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Chad McCormick has been working as a volunteer with Farm Share for quite some time, driving back and forth to Quincy, in order to bring fresh produce and other goods back to Madison, to distribute to individuals and non-profit organizations in need. McCormick, in an effort to make the Farm Share program more efficient, has finally succeeded in bringing Farm Share to Madison. Thanks to James Ray, board member for Consolidated Christian Ministries, McCormick’s Farm Share Depot is now housed in the same building CCM uses to distribute their monthly commodities. Having a local depot means that a Farm Share truck will bring produce and other goods to Madison, saving McCormick time and money that can be utilized in other areas, and also giving local farmers and other businesses a place to bring their excess produce, baked goods or other donations, that can increase the available food for families locally. McCormick says deliveries for now will be once a month, but could increase if more non-profit organizations apply through Farm Share. With the growth of non-profits comes growth in the amount of available food says McCormick. Depots can receive anywhere from 100 to 100,000 pounds of food, depending on how many people need to be fed. All that is required in order for a non-profit to receive food, is to go to the Farm Share website and fill out an application, letting the warehouse know how much need the organization is trying to meet. Afterwards, organization volunteers would coordinate with McCormick to help unload, sort through and package food for handing out. For more information on Farm Share, visit their website at To sign up your organization, click on the “How to Help” tab and download, then fill out the Farm Share application. If you would like to speak to Chad McCormick on how you can help with this program or to ask questions, you can contact him at (850) 464-6190 or email him at

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