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Building Cowboys: Summer workouts in full swing

Rick Patrick:

Greene Publishing, Inc.

It was a noisy morning in the weight room on top of Boot Hill on Monday, June 17. The clanging of metal weights hitting the floor, coaches shouting instructions, grunts and groans instigated by the strain of muscles being pushed to their limit and, underneath that, the steady beat of hip-hop music providing a certain rhythm to the activities, made it difficult to carry on a casual conversation. However, this was not a time for casual conversation. Long before these young men will be able enjoy the cheers of Friday nights on Boot Hill, they must first endure the noise of these grueling summer workouts. 

This year, the Broncos of Madison County Central School could also be seen building their young bodies. Even former Cowboys, like Ta'Ronn Johnson, who now plays fullback for Warner University in Lake Wales, Fla., know the value of these workouts. Johnson was back on familiar ground to stay in shape for the upcoming season and to provide leadership and a positive example for younger players.

The pace is fast and, at times, hectic. Madison County High School (MCHS) Head Coach Mike Coe laughingly calls it "controlled chaos." It is fast, hectic and chaotic by design, as these summer workouts are meant to develop, not only physical strength and endurance, but mental toughness as well. That mental toughness will be needed if the Cowboys are going to chase history again and become one of the few high school football teams to win three state championships in a row.

The upperclassmen on the team seem to realize this. Veteran offensive linemen Zac Coe and Zane Herring approached their workout with a determined, business-like approach as they moved from one station to the next. Both Coe and Herring realize that a berth in the state championship game in Tallahassee this coming season will come at a price. The first payments will be made during these sweltering months of June and July.

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