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Buckle up or pay a fine

All persons must a wear seat belt in Florida

Florida seat belt laws require everyone to wear a seat belt or be restrained in a child car seat while in an operating vehicle. Prior to 2009, seat belt violations were a secondary enforcement but now as a primary enforcement, law enforcement officers can pull a vehicle over if they see that someone is not in a seat belt. Failure to wear a seat belt could result in a fine of $30. For a child that is not properly restrained the violation is $60. Children five years of age and younger in a motor vehicle operated on the roadways, streets or highways of Florida must be restrained in a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device. For children three years and younger, restraint devices must be a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer’s integrated child seat. For children aged four through five years, a separate carrier, an integrated child seat or a child booster seat may be used. There are only certain conditions where it is legal to not wear a seat belt in an operating vehicle. If you have a medical condition and documentation to prove that it prevents the use of a seat belt due to safety hazards, are delivering newspapers as part of a home delivery service or are working in a waste and recyclable collection service, you are not required to wear a seat belt.

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