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Bryan and Jamie McHargue are modern day ranchers

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Bryan McHargue and his wife, Jamie, own MW Land and Cattle Company, LLC in Madison just off of State Road 6. There are three main parts of their company. They are nutrition consultants, they are beef producers and Jamie trains horses for people all over the United States. Bryan graduated from high school in 2002, went to North Florida Community College for two years and then transferred to the University of Florida for three years and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. Despite people telling him that ranching and farming was no way to make a living, Bryan decided that raising cattle was what he wanted to do regardless of profit. He went on to borrow the first money he ever borrowed, $20,000, to purchase 25 cows. For the first year he expected to get $600 for every calf and be able to make the loan payments and pay for the operation. For the second year, he wanted to get $700 a calf but 18 months after his purchase, the price of a calf jumped from $600 to $1,000. Now as a business owner, he is able to pay for the cows, operation expenses and put some money in the bank to save. “From day one, we’ve been different,” said Bryan. He went on to explain that to succeed you cannot always do what has always been done. He takes every chance that he can to listen to ranchers and farmers to learn how they have dealt with certain issues but he also explores new ways. One way they are different is that along with being a beef producer, they are nutritionist consultants. They work with other beef producers in North Florida and South Georgia to decide what is best for them whether it is a winter grazing program, bailing hay in the summer or fertilization. “If we are going to produce beef the most efficient way we can, we have to be real good at producing grass,” said Bryan. Bryan has sold Anipro, a supplement for cattle for the last three years. He provides the supplement to 4-5,000 cows from Gainesville, Fl. to Valdosta, Ga. He started using Anipro as a producer and was approached to become a seller of the product. Bryan said after using Anipro he found out very quickly that this was what he was looking for. His only complaint is that he did not find it sooner. The way cattlemen make money is off of the calves that their cows produce. They must maintain the body condition of a cow so they are able to produce a calf every year to make a profit off of the cows. This is where Anipro comes in and helps provide the nutrient that cows need. As beef producers, Bryan and Jamie partnered with Imperial Wagyu Beef and started breeding their Angus cows with Wagyu bulls, a breed from Japan. The calves are shipped to Nebraska to be sold. Jamie was raised in South Florida and is the primary trainer of the horses. When Jamie receives a horse, they have usually never been saddled and some have never been touched. She describes what she does as starting a horse, not breaking a horse. She creates a good relationship with the horse. Most of the horses are trained for western style competition. Before the McHargue’s started selling Anipro, winter was a slow period for them, but that is the busy time for Anipro and in summertime they are bailing hay for themselves and they custom harvest for others in the area. Bryan estimates that they bail 4,500 to 5,000 bails of hay during the summer. They also have an eight-month-old son, Rhett Lewis that keeps their hands full. To help with the workload, they have two part-time employees.

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