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Brenda Wynn is a survivor

Brenda Wynn is a third generation breast cancer survivor. Her mother and grandmother also had breast cancer. She was diagnosed on Christmas Eve last year at the age of 53. Wynn is usually diligent about getting her mammograms due to her family history but when she went in last year, she was about six months late on her appointment. She was not worried about the mammogram because she had not noticed anything different in her breasts. When the mammogram results came back, the doctors performed a biopsy because of suspicious areas.

On Christmas Eve, her doctor called her and said they had found cancer in her left breast and there was suspicious tumors in her right breast. Shortly after that call in December, Wynn underwent a double mastectomy. Wynn leaned on her family for support during her recovery. Her husband, David Wynn; her twin sister, Glenda Sirmon; her mother Louise Carroll; her mother-in-law, Lavonne Wynn and her four stepchildren helped her. Her church family at Sirmans Missionary Baptist Church also helped her and her family in this tough time. Wynn considers herself one of the lucky ones because she did not have to receive chemotherapy or radiation, which can take a toll on one’s body.

For the next five years, she does have to take Arimidex to help prevent the cancer from coming back. Her advice to all the women is to keep up with mammogram appointments and perform self-examinations. On Thursday, Oct. 22, Wynn will have reconstructive surgery. She will wear expanders for several weeks before receiving her implants. Her doctor will keep her in the hospital for three days in case of infection. Wynn stated that she is nervous about her surgery and would greatly appreciate prayers during this time.

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1. Brenda Wynn

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