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Breaking Stereotypes: Happy New Year!

The days between Christmas and the New Year are a little weird. No one knows what to do! It's like the 400 years between the last prophet of the Old Testament and the birth of Jesus; no one knows what happened. If there is any meaning to those six days in between the two holidays, it must be guarded like all the gold in Ft. Knox, because I've never been able to find any purpose in that time frame.

Anyway, here we are! We made it another year and I say to you, "Happy New Year!" Just like most of society, I hope you made resolutions for yourself, but if not, that's okay. It's just a fad in my opinion because, let's face it, resolutions are forgotten after a couple of weeks.

When I wrote this column right before Christmas, I didn't really have a plan or storyline to follow. Instead, I wanted to offer love and encouragement to you for a great upcoming year. Last year was tough for me, I must say, because of certain struggles I've had to endure. I know that some of you reading this have had your own struggles: you may have been laid off or lost a family member to an illness. Your car might have been repossessed or you may have helplessly watched your bills rack up with no solution. It's tough; I get it and I understand your pain and frustration. You've survived 100 percent of your worst days of 2018 and I hope that gives you a little encouragement.

I look at life like this: if you speak something into existence with faith, it will happen. That could either turn out good or bad. If you're depressed, feeling that you'll never go anywhere in life and believe that with all of your heart, guess what? Nothing will change. Nothing will change without a source of motivation. Don't feel bad because I was once in your shoes. Let me encourage you. Let Jesus be your motivation. Let Jesus be your guiding light and let Jesus hold your hand through the murky storm. Today is a brand new day.

It is cliché to use Philippians 4:13 but this moment calls for the use of the verse: "With God, all things are possible." Can't find a purpose? Get off your feet and make a point to smile. Go shake someone's hand and tell them how much you appreciate them because they may be feeling the same way you are feeling today. Tell your parents or children you love them and go out of your way to pay for someone's order at McDonald's. Be kind like Jesus was kind and I promise, you will notice a difference.

God bless you.

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